13 years ago ...

My goal is to keep this blog very focused on living a healthy and fit lifestyle, but sometimes, like today, it's a bit more personal and closer to home ...

My son came into this wonderful world of ours 13 years ago today. After 29 GRUELING hours of labor, my baby boy was born. And he has been blessing my life every single day since then. He is an amazing kid, and has survived things other kids only read about or watch in the movies. Not only has he survived these things, he has learned from them, and become an incredibly amazing person in spite of them.

My son is a very cool kid ... in his 13 years, he has ...

  • learned to play the piano, cello, guitar, alto saxophone, and ukulele
  • played flag football with the Green Bay Packers
  • completed a triathlon
  • auditioned for and was cast in a major production at a nationally acclaimed children's theater ... on his first try, with no training or experience
  • has his artwork displayed in a local art crawl
  • gotten stitches 4 times ... don't ask LOL
  • taught his baby sister to tie her shoes, throw a football, ride her bike without training wheels, and how to "clean" her room by shoving things under her bed and into her closet
  • given me a reason to keep fighting for a better life, to always face each day with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

Happy Birthday son, I will always love you!



Marcelle said...

Michelle, no wonder you proud...you have a lot to be proud off.
Well done to your 13year old sun.

Marcelle in Germany
But from South Africa.

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