How I lost 90 lbs ...

I wish I could tell you this was easy, that there was this magical trick or pill or cure ...

The honest answer is losing 90 lbs took all of my dedication, focus, and determination. To say I've tried every single diet is a gross exaggeration, but I have tried more than my fair share of diets ...

Let's see if I have enough fingers and toes to count all the diets I've been on ... Weight Watchers Points, Weight Watchers Core, South Beach, Atkins, KimKins, 3 Day Slim Down, carb cycling, Slimfast, Velocity Diet, Anabolic Diet, Biggest Loser Club, Sparkpeople, the cabbage soup diet ...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing any of the above mentioned programs. The majority of them really do work, and are very well balanced, nutritionist-backed programs. What didn't work, was ME.

I'd start the diet excited and enthused and willing to do everything the program told me to do. This typically would last a day or two before I started making excuses and deviating from the diet, because as a fat girl, I knew everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about losing weight. Yep, I know it all. I just didn't do it.

So I'd hop from one diet program to the next, constantly deviating from the program and making my own rules because I was too afraid to go outside of my comfort zone.

Then, one morning, I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror, and said "Enough!" I immediately went through our kitchen cupboards and refrigerator and threw out anythign in a box or can, or anything that had an unpronounceable ingredient in the top three ingredients. This basically left me with NOTHING. LOL

I started buying fresh fruits and veggies. Lots of fish, and cage-free chickens. I don't eat alot of red meat anymore because grass-fed beef is a bit expensive, so we have it maybe once a month or so.

I could not believe how quickly the fat melted off my body. I lost 90 lbs from September 2008 through February 2009. With no exercise, no pills, no shakes, no weird, funky concoctions or plans. I ate 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, each meal contained a protein and vegetables. Snacks were usually fruit and a carb. I suffered sugar and caffeine withdrawal for the first two weeks, then it was smooth sailing.

My skin glowed, my hair and nails grew at an astonishing pace. The answer was so obvious, and so simple, I kick myself for not figuring it out ages ago!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your weight loss!
I have lost 30 pounds with 45 more to go. I raise and sell grass fed beef. My customers gave me the incentive to loss weight. I was cutting hay today and noticed its easier for me to get around working on the haybine this year.
Maybe you can get your grass fed beef at a lower cost from one of the local producer listed on or


Nerd Girl said...

wow you really have worked hard and you are an inspiration!!!

Living the fit life. said...

You go girl! It's such an inspiration to hear and see success, it really is so simple (weight loss) when you stop looking for short cuts.
Thank you for following.

Ayla Riggle
Thrive fitness

Mesha said...

food wise i'm sorta doing this, however, i am incorporating exercise. i'm going to have to go hard core on the protein/veggie though and she how it changes it up by eliminating some of the other "unnecessary" stuff. Thanks for helping others by sharing how you saw results and gained success. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

*Fitcetera* said...

Hello Michelle!
What can I say but Wow! and a hearty congratulations!!!
You are an inspiration to me to keep eating clean.
I started eating clean back in Sept as well but lost my way for abit.
I found the path again though in June :)
Clean eating for me is the easy way out of the fat cycle. I experience no cravings. It isn't hard for me to follow.
I'm happy to see that you make a point of promoting it here on your blog. I hope those that struggle will learn that it really is the "magic pill" for amazing weight loss.
And, perhaps most importantly, IMO, Good Health! You can be thin but still be nutritionally very unhealthy.
I will be adding you to my blogroll so I can come along for the rest of the ride.
Enjoy your success. You certainly deserve it!

Utica Herbalife said...

Michelle- I love the blog, very well done!
Thanks for the recipe for the Zuchini bread.

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