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With the grandparents in town, we eat out ... ALOT. They think they're doing me a favor by taking us out to eat instead of cooking. I've tried to explain that I really don't mind cooking for everyone, and don't mind the Grandpa's cooking at all (in fact I love it a little too much),but they insist upon taking us out to dinner every night.

Tuesday's dinner was a cup of tomato basil soup and a 1/2 oven roasted turkey sandwich from Baker's Square. Wednesday was dinner at Stir Crazy, and I had the right price/right size Kung Pao Chicken with brown rice. I know from experience that the "right size" portion is still too big, so I asked our server to wrap up 1/2 of my entree before they even brought it out to me. The kids and grandparents had a banana & vanilla ice cream won ton and chocolate-mandarin orange fondue for dessert - I had a banana dipped in the chocolate-mandarin orange fondue just to appease my sweet tooth, and it was just enough to make me feel like I indulged in something naughty :)

What's asian food without a fortune cookie at the end? You won't believe what the fortune in my fortune cookie said ...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step today."

How cool is that?

It's kinda silly that I can find so much meaning and validation in something so simple like the fortune in my fortune cookie. Why do we do that? Why is it so easy to believe in something like a fortune cookie, and give it so much strength and meaning, but we struggle to simply believe in ourselves?

If you're reading this ... I want you to know that I believe in you. I may not even know who you are and this may be your very first visit to my blog, but I believe in you. Whatever your heart desires, whatever it is that you are striving for, I believe that you already have everything you need deep inside of you to achieve your goals.

There are so many things I wanted to do, but didn't think I could. But once I took that tiny leap of faith - and believed in myself - I saw that there is nothing I can't do. And there is NOTHING you can't do either. Just believe in yourself - and get ready to work HARD to achieve your goal.

I'm bringing it ... are you?

TrainerGirl modified my total body strength/endurance workout this morning, just to shake things up and have a little fun ...

5 minute warm up on recumbant bike

A1: Squats with overhead chest press using 15 lbs dumbbells
A2: Overhead lats on bench using 10 lbs dumbbells
A3: Captain chair crunches on bench
A4: Boxing & kickboxing for 1st and 3rd circuits, Sprints on recumbant bike for 2nd circuit
* Repeat this circuit 3 times

B1: Pushups
B2: Crunches on dyna disk
B3: Standing upright rows @ 45 lbs
B4: Alternating lunges w/ knee lift
*Repeat this circuit 3 times

I pushed myself up on that wall again, and got super nauseous after the 3rd B circuit ... had to sit and breathe for a few minutes before I pushed myself to do extra credit - 15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical. The nausea passed by the time I got home (thank heavens)! I have to say I feel really hardcore when I workout so hard I get nauseous! Actually throwing up would be kinda cool once it was all done with ;) LOL I'd be all - HA, IN YOUR FACE, FAT! ROTF

I'm going to try to get in 30 mins of swimming after work in the hotel pool before we head out to dinner. Man, eating out is so overrated!


"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted." David Bly


Betsy said...

Ha! Eating out is so overrated! I get so excited to eat out and usually afterwards it's not THAT great. A lot of times I would rather just eat at home. I know it's healthy and most of the time delicious!

Love that fortune! How cool!

Jen said...

You are AMAZINGLY strong!

Token Fat Friend said...

It's so funny how fortune cookies really can be insightful. I got one once that said something about people's lives are extraordinary and the details worthy of being recorded. I kept it because it was pretty, but since then I've gone into journalism. I found it one day and thought odd how it has come true!

So inspired by your work! Hope I can call myself a former fat girl soon!

Amy said...

Eating out is HARD! Good for you.

Tigerlilly said...

Its the little things that keep us going everyday... good for you for knowing one when you see it. Take it and run with it... literally!!!

WriterMarie said...

That is really cool about the fortune cookie. I got a similar random message on Facebook, which was funny!

My dad still likes to treat us to sweets, even though he's diabetic and we certainly don't need to be eating it. Long time habits are are to I just have a little, take the rest home, and then share it with everybody so I don't eat it all!

anne h said...

Ya'll must all be models, or movie stars. Ya'll all have a good look about you!

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