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Now introducing ... the Former Fat Girl FitRoll!! BlogRolling is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal. Join other Former Fat Girls on the FitRoll and get some thinspiration in seconds, with a simple code that will update automatically with fresh content when other Former Fat Girls have updated their blogs!

The Former Fat Girl FitRoll will appear on your blog like this:

Where is Tigerlilly?
Washing Away the Gain
Shrinky Dinky
Secrets of a Former Fat Girl
Gluten Free Betsy
The Unnatural Mother
Witness THIS Fitness


Join the FitRoll today!

Blog listings are sorted randomly, and will have the cute convo heart bubble appear after their name when they've been updated in the last 12 hours. The code is set up to recognize your site's CSS (it should keep the same font style and colors of your blog).

There are a few guidelines in order to participate ...

  1. Everyone who joins the FitRoll *MUST* add the code to their blog. This way, we promote each other.

  2. To join the FitRoll, contact me with your URL and the name you would like your blog listed as. I will contact you with further instructions and information.

  3. Links will be checked monthly! Dead blogs and blogs that are not posting the FitRoll will be removed from the FitRoll. You'll also be removed if your blog hasn’t been updated in over one month. The purpose of our FitRoll is to provide visitors with fresh, inspirational and motivational reads on a regular basis.
I've said this before, and I'll say it again ... I truly believe there is so much we can learn from each other, and feel this FitRoll will be a great opportunity to meet other fitness-minded women, and give your blogs a little publicity as well! So send me your info, and let's get this rolling!



Connie Weiss said...

I would love to add the fitroll to my blog! The contact me link is not working. :(

Mesha said...

okay Michelle, in order to do the fitroll, do I have to already have become a "former fat girl" or can I be a work in progress. lol. Because as you can tell, I've got a lot to lose, however, I'm definately on the journey and have been since February. let me know how that works. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Thanks Connie for the heads up - the contact me link is now working!

Mesha - I would LOVE you have you join our FitRoll!! It's all about fitness-minded and health-conscious gals (and guys too!) motivating, supporting and networking with each other!

WriterMarie said...

Hi Michelle, I would like to join the FitRoll...I'm a work in progress too! I tried your contact me link, but it's not working for me. Is there another way for me to send you my URL and info?

xoxoxo Marie :o)

Marcelle said...

Hello Michelle
How do I get my blog on your fitness roll???

Amazon Runner said...

'Chelle, I'd like to be a part of this too!

My blog, Amazonrunner is

Michele said...

I'd like to be added too, if I can. My blog is Patience, Michele at


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