Operation Fat Blaster

So this week's mission is to do a little recon on the "enemy" - and post a photo of the things that blocking our way to success.

Here's my photo ...

I am my own worst enemy.

It's not the chocolate or the ice cream or the gym or the multitude of drive through restaurants on every corner. It's me.

I choose to self-medicate myself with food. I choose to overeat or binge or give up on myself. I'm the one that tells myself I can't do something or I am a failure. I choose to still listen to the namecalling and teasing of my childhood and wear them like some sort of badge of valor.

I've never been this close to goal before - usually at this point, I'll self-sabotage myself because I give up on myself and somehow get afraid of succeeding. I'm so used to failing, it's hard to break out of my "comfort zone" and succeed.

I'm seeing this through this time - I've hit 100 lbs lost, and will not stop until, well, I'm not stopping. Even when I hit my final goal, I'm going to keep on keeping on - it's going to be a fight to maintain my healthy habits, but I'm not giving up on myself anymore!

I now choose to believe in myself. I choose to make healthy choices - not because I want to lose weight or look better or get into a certain size outfit - I choose to make healthy choices because I can.

Today was my first workout on my own since March - I thought my personal training sessions were supposed to end yesterday, but I'm getting another 4 weeks!! BigBossTrainerGuy said they'll bump me down to 4 days a week instead of 5, because he feels I'm overtraining and combined with my stress and lack of sleep, it's a recipe for a plateau. I'm just happy and thrilled that they aren't over yet and will make sure to do my very best for these final 4 weeks!

Working out on my own went pretty well - I have to admit that when the alarm clock went off, the first thought was "Well, no one's waiting for me at the gym, so I can just skip" (See what I mean about being my own worst enemy?) I didn't listen, though, and got myself out of bed and went to my other gym to workout. It was actually pretty nice - although I'm a morning person, I'm not much of a conversationalist in the early mornings, so I was able to truly focus just on myself.

My workout took longer than normal, mostly because I had to move all around the gym to do my various exercises. The personal training gym has everything right there for you to use, and you don't have to wait in line for them. I decided to go even earlier to the gym when I'm on my own, and be a little selfish by setting up all my stuff around an area just for myself. I need to move from one exercise to the other fairly quickly to keep my heartrate up, and by going really early, I'll avoid the gym being crowded.

Here's what I did today:

5 min warmup on elliptical

A1: Squats with bicep curls into overhead chest press with 12 lbs dumbbells
A2: Captain chair crunches on bench
A3: Overhead lats lying on bench with 10 lbs dumbbells
A4: Crunches on bosu trainer (couldn't find a dyna disc)
* Repeat this circuit 3 times

B1: Pushups
B2: Seated rows on rower machine (not quite the same as doing them on the cable machine)
B3: Leg curls with stability ball
B4: Hip ups on medicine ball
B5: Walking lunges across basketball court holding 12 lbs dumbbells
* Repeat this circuit 3 times

I finished up with 20 mins of HIIT on the treadmill.

All in all, it was a great first workout on my own. I wish I had a workout partner but Marcelle lives too far away ;) and I honestly don't know anyone that works out at my gym. Wait, that's a lie - I do know several dads of my daughter's friends, but I'm not working out with her friend's dads ... that's just weird! LOL

I hope everyone has a great day - we're headed to Kristen's new house on the lake! I'm super excited and ready to have some fun :)


"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not." Author Unknown


healthymadison said...

I am brand new to reading your blog and I wanted to tell you I love it! You are so inspirational--and I cannot wait to keep on reading about you. :)

AzLinda said...

Ok, first off....I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Next... YAY! You get 4 more weeks with trainer guy, that's so awesome!

Your workout looks terrific! I see that you do your weight training first then cardio....that a girl...that's perfect! So many peeps jump on the treadmill first then knock out their weight routine which is totally the wrong thing to do. So with your 20 minute HIIT session, all your glycogen reserves were completely depleted...from your weight training, which means that during your ENTIRE cardio session you were in pure fat burning heaven :D

I love doing the combined upper body and lower body weight training don't you? What a way to get a bang from our sweat....haha

Carlos said...


WriterMarie said...

So true...when it comes down to it, we really are our own worst enemies, and we have to turn that around! Thanks Michelle!

Melissa Cunningham said...

ok copy cat! i just got posting my operation fat blaster picture-and i guess we think along simular lines! LOL!
anyways,your work out sounds good-keep it up and lets win this battle of conqering fear and self doubt!

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