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Fridays at Secrets of a Former Fat Girl is Twitter Question of the Week day, and I want to hear from YOU! There is so much we can learn from one another, and this is a great place to show us your sparkle!

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What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

  • Betsy says: Owing my own gluten free boutique!

  • Kristie says: Running a bakery/catering business.

  • Amanda says: The skys the limit (unlimited $) :: I would fly a plane, bungee jump, sky dive, gold medal in Olympics, become a docter, etc

  • Kelly says: I would ask a cute guy out.

  • Melissa says: I would take one of my kidneys give to my father and save his life. I would also give my bone marrow to save my mothers life.

  • Christi says: I would take my art around to children that think they can't do anything and teach them that everyone can do art - as well as share my story of abuse, and recovery and victory to help women know that they have worth, value and are precious to this world, and to God.

  • Kristen says: owning a B&B!

  • Ali says: I would attempt a tri RIGHT NOW!

  • Carla says: I have to say Im attempting it all, failing pretty d*mn frequently & picking myself back up again! life is 2 short not to...
  • Trina says: write and publish books, create, write and produce my own cooking show for people with no cooking skills, planner, white water rafting.

Wow - great responses this week!! So now, I ask you ... how badly do you want these things? What are you willing to do to succeed? Now, go do it! :)

And here's my answer:

  • I want to create something similar to what Shaquille O'Neal did - go into schools and mentor overweight kids and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to empower them and teach them that they already have everything they need inside of them to achieve their wildest dreams! Perhaps start out in my own backyard, then go regionally, then nationwide, baby!

Thank you all for participating this week!

Look what I got in the mail!! Kristina at Stonyfield Farm contacted me last week inviting me to try Oikos Organic Yogurt, and she generously sent me all this great stuff!

I plan to use my coupons this weekend, and will do a review sometime next week. In the meantime, if you'd like to try Stonyfield Farm yogurts - or you're already a Stonyfield fan - click here for some great money saving coupons on a variety of their products!

I hit a major wall late yesterday afternoon with my energy and passed out at 8:30pm - I slept through the night, but still woke up tired. Today's workout was HIIT with BigBossTrainerGuy. I haven't worked out with him in several weeks, so it was nice to catch up and talk story (or as best I could during our intervals!) We did a "new" HIIT workout on the elliptical, and I was up for the challenge! It involved sprints in a squat position on the elliptical, and boy did they burn!

8 mins warmup

2 mins @ level 7
30 seconds in a squat as fast as I can, level 10
* Repeat 5 times

1.5 mins @ level 7
30 seconds in a squat as fast as I can in REVERSE, level 10
*Repeat two times

1.5 mins @ level 7
45 seconds in a squat as fast as I can in REVERSE, level 10

1.5 mins @ level 7
60 seconds in a squat as fast as I can in REVERSE, level 10

2 mins @ level 7 at 7.0 or higher as fast as I can

2 mins recovery

I was completely drenched and my quads were burning when I was done, and it felt SO GOOD! LOL I wound up going 3.2 miles in 33 mins or so which is pretty cool in my book! You notice how my time in the squats started increasing at the end? That's because of my big mouth - BigBossTrainerGuy asked me if I was doing ok after the first reverse squats and I said "Sure, I can do anything for 30 seconds!" As soon as I said that, I looked at him in horror LOL I knew I was in for something "good" after that! It was a really really really good cardio workout - I really love interval training because by the time you think you can't handle much more, it's time to recover. I will gladly take 30 mins of HIIT over 60 - 90 mins of steady state any day!

The kids and I will be hitting the pool after work for my 2nd swim of the week. The weather is cooler today (mid to upper 60s) so hopefully it won't be as crowded so I can get a good, uninterrupted 30 min swim completed! Have a fantastic Friday everyone!


"One part at a time, one day at a time, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves." Karen Casey


Betsy said...

Rockin' workout! Everytime I read your blogs, I'm thismuchcloser to agreeing to sign up for next year's tri. Ha!

And how'd you get such a great gift bag from Stoneyfield! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them! I'll have to print the coupons when I get home. Thanks for the link! :)

Learning to be Less said...

Wow girl! You must be fit because that sounds like one tough workout! My buns were burned by my trainer today too.

I am sure we will be feeling it tomorrow. Enjoy the swim!

WriterMarie said...

I will have to try the Oikos yogurt...I already love Fage but would love to try the others so I can buy whatever's on sale or I have a coupon for!

And thank you for the question...I'm sure I could come up with a list of things I would do if I could not fail! :o)

AzLinda said...

Hey there girl! Wow, your workout was extreme! Sounds like you killed it too :D Ah, yea...3.3 miles in 33 minutes is fantastic time!

I am all for the HIIT. Can't stand SS cardio...bleh!

How cool you get to try out and review the oikos products..I'm SO jealous ;)

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