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I started my day with a run around the neighborhood and came home to see my neighbor's yard full of men with chainsaw and pole saws ... he was FINALLY having his trees trimmed - I've been putting it off myself as the trees are mostly on his property but partially on mine - they are huge trees, over 60 years old, and while I love the shade in the summer, I abhore the mess in the fall.

I stopped to talk to the workers, and am a little embarrassed to say I put on a bit of a damsel in distress routine - I had two large branches fall into my yard that were so heavy I couldn't budge them, even with my kids and their friends helping me. One of the workers said he'd take care of them for me - for free! I'm definitely going to pay it forward one day!

As leader of Operation Fat Blaster, I put together weekly special ops missions for our members to challenge themselves with each week. Week 3's mission was to take photos of your kitchen and post them on your blog. The point was to show us where you're at, so we can help each other on our wellness journeys - sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see hidden saboteurs that our eyes have become blind to :)

So, here are my photos!

My galley kitchen! It took a bit of getting used to at first, but I love it now! It used to have the most horrid wallpaper, but now I have a warm colorwash on the walls instead. I'd love to rip up the linoleum and refinish the hardwood floors underneath one day!

Kitchen scale, Zojirushi rice cooker, hardwood cutting board my son made in school last year, a jar of cookie mix my daughter gave me for Mother's Day.

I've had this sign for 5 years. You'd think with the economy as it is, I'd be able to find reliable help ...

Oven with cookbooks, blender, whey protein powder and Physique

Gym group class schedule, magnets from every vacation we've taken, and a party invitation are stuck to the 'frig

Frig door - top shelf: cranberry and apple juice. Middle shelf: OJ, milk, TJ tomato bisque, TJ butternut squash soup, TJ chicken broth. I love TJ soups because it's so easy to make a single serving in a flash! Bottom shelf: Siracha hot chili pepper sauce, Newmans Own Sun Dried Tomato dressing, takuan (pickled radish), TJ natural peanut butter, IKEA lingonberry preserves, strawberry jam, relish, ketchup and mayo.

The frig. It's a little bare as I shop European style, especially during the summer. I frequent the farmer's market twice a week, and then shop two or three times a week. Top shelf is TJ sourdough bread, TJ tortillas, small tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, beef tenderloin that needs to be weighed and portioned out. Middle shelf: eggs, fridge smart containers have mushrooms, zucchini and grapes. Bottom shelf has spinach (we go through 3 of these tubs a week!), and another gallon of milk. Deli drawer has sliced turkey breast and roast beef for sandwiches, provolone and american cheese, and fish cakes.

Produce drawers have apples, plums, and greens. Gotta get some more color in there!

Freezer is bare ... ice, garlic bread, edamame, chicken fillets, broccoli, TJ potstickers, meatballs, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Freezer door top shelf: salmon, tilapia, and individual baggies with preportioned chicken breasts. Bottom shelf: TJ waffles, Pizza Burgers (only 2 pts a piece!)

The baking pantry - spices, flour, cornmeal, mochiko, brown sugar, food dehydrator, bread machine, toaster oven and can opener (I don't like "stuff" on my countertops).

Snack cupboard (more than usual because the kids are home all summer): fat free pudding cups, mandarin oranges, old fashioned oats, TJ corn puffs, TJ cheese puffs, TJ veggie sticks, TJ ginger cats, TJ Joe-Joes, saltines.

We're getting a little bare here too: spicy pumpkin soup mix, TJ kiddie alphabet pasta, TJ brown rice fusili pasta, miso soup, TJ marinara sauce, tuna, TJ corn, TJ turkey chili, TJ brown rice spaghetti, more pasta, shake n bake, 3 year old mac n cheese (it may be time to toss those ...) nori sheets, saimin.

Bananas, crystallized ginger (works wonders when you have tummy issues, also a nice sweet and spicy natural treat!), chocolate chip granloa bars, WW banana nut bars.

The spice rack - I found these awesome magnetic shelves for the side of my 'frig online. They were expensive when I bought them, but it looks like the price went down since I ordered them. They're awesome! Top of 'frig has cereal and lunch bags.

So that's my kitchen. Hope everyone had a great day!!


"The view of history that we get through the kitchen window is a more gentle view, not of war and politics, but of family and community and sharing." Julia McWilliams Child


AzLinda said...

Loved your pictures! I was bad and never got around to doing the mission..... :(

I think your gallery kitchen is wonderful, everything looks nice and organized. Love the magnetic spice rack...what a great idea!

Marcelle said...

Gosh what a neat kitchen you have I am ashamed of how messed up mine is...
Thanks so much for sharing...your kitchen reminds me of how my kitchen used to be with gym schedules etc, now dont do gym classes as so boring here...

Washing Away the Gain said...

You are so organized! Magnetic spice racks? Brilliant!!!

Fran said...

Love your kitchen, you're well organized but I like that because I'm like that too.

Betsy said...

You are SO organized! And your fridge is BARE BONES! Hahaha....looks like you got the good eating down pat! :)

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Awesome Michelle! And I love the magnetic spice rack! I was totally looking for a spice rack and this would be perfect! And love the bags of saimin... you were from Hawaii right? That's always a staple here!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

sorry - reposting because i think my other comment got erased.

You're kitchen is so adorable! Love the spice racks! I was totally in the market for a spice rack and I think these would work great! And love the bags of saimin. You were from Hawaii right? That's a staple at my parent's house too!

Jen said...

okay..hands have the most organized kithen, fridge and cupboards I have ever seen. THANK GOODNESS I didn't share my disgusting MESS of food with you! I swear, I have enough food in my frige, pantry and deep freezer to feed us for a GOOD 6 months! EASY!
How do you have time to do everything you do?

Mesha said...

TJ's - what does it stand for and where can i find it??? :)

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