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What is your favorite exercise/workout and why?

  • Amanda says: it is now running. Got addicted 2 it while training for a half marathon. Hate doing it but luv afterwards. Get to eat more!!!

  • Cindie says: I love to run on the college track cause it is so liberating and my legs get so toned from it

  • Franciska says: Running because I do it outside and love that and run a little bit further every time makes me feel great!

  • HyperStrike Fitness says: we love the Chest Specialization workout

  • Alicia says: my fav exercise is the mountain climber! After a minute I'm sweating so much. Great exercise

  • Jeannie says: ...amped abs for 15 minutes. Tough but getting results!!

  • Linda says: Chalean Extreme! Heavy lifting and interval cardio is the way to go! Love the program. Most of the workouts are just a little over 30 minutes but super intense.

  • Danielle says: I'm going to have to go with running (outside not on a treadmill) I love when I get in the groove and my mind just kind of drifts.

  • Betsy says: Yoga. I love the stretching and unwinding. My muscles love it. For a more intense workout? Currently it's Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, because it's kicking my ass. And I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Strength and Sculpt segment on the Biggest Loser The Workout DVD. Bob is so loveable! It also works really well...since doing it, I'm seeing more muscle definition. Woo! :)

  • Kristie says: Cycling - on FLAT ground

Seems like we have a bunch of runners among us!! Here's my answer:

  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but my new favorite workout is running. I never ever thought I'd ever say that, but I finally understand why runners love running. I'm not super speedy, but I love just getting out there and running. It's very calming and relaxing!

Thank you everyone for participating this week!

The stars and moons must be perfectly aligned because I had not one, not two, but THREE consecutive workouts with CrazyTrainerGuy this week! After a 5 min warm up on the elliptical, he took me back to our studio for a stretching session - he does this one where your right leg is bent at the knee and lowered over your left knee and you look over your right shoulder - that one's usually good all by itself, but CrazyTrainerGuy kinda kneels over me, putting one hand on my right knee and his other hand on my right shoulder and like pushes them down and away from each other ... oy vey, it feels good LOL Another favorite is me lying on my tummy, and he pushes down on my hamstrings then I bend my knee and he helps lift that leg up off the ground .... oh my hips and hammies are just loving him for that one! LOL

So anyway ... after my warm up and stretch, CrazyTrainerGuy gave me the option of doing either cardio or strength. I shocked him (and myself) by choosing cardio. I NEVER choose cardio, but I guess there's always a first time for everything!

So here's what he made me do today:

5 min warm up

1 min @ Level 10, 5.0 or higher
1 min @ Level 11, 6.0 or higher
1 min @ Level 12, 6.0 or higher
1 min backwards @ Level 15, as fast as I can
2 min recovery at Level 10, 5.0 or higher
30 seconds backwards in a squat (don't remember the level, but it was a beast) as fast as I can
2 min recovery (heartrate was at 180 by this time)
30 seconds sprint as fast as I can
1 min @ Level 12, 6.0 or higher
2 min backwards as fast as I can (don't remember the level)
2 min recovery

Then that was it because my neck was killing me - I've been having really bad tension headaches for the past 3 days and CrazyTrainerGuy said he'll let me off easy. EASY?? That cardio was a killer and I was sweating buckets!

We did a bit of ab work ....

Basic crunches holding a 10 lb weight over my head
Lower ab crunches - shoulders up in a crunch position, lower/lift legs

Then ... CrazyTrainerGuy gave me an amazing shoulder and neck massage. Wow ... I told him I'd do anything he tells me to in a workout if he promises to do that again at the end. LOL He said I had 5 or 6 knots in my shoulders and a few in my neck. He couldn't work on all of them as we didn't have much time, but I'm definitely thinking about getting a massage soon! My massage chair is great, and but there's nothing like a REAL massage!

I hope everyone has a great day - if you have a chance, be sure to check out my girls at Operation Fat Blaster - this week's challenge was to post photos of their refrigerators, cupboards, kitchen, etc - WITHOUT getting rid of the 'bad' stuff first! LOL I'm proud of my girls that accepted the challenge! The point of the challenge was to uncover all the hidden saboteurs in their home - I told them not to stress out about it because we need to know where we've been to know where we're going, right? My photos will get posted tomorrow, so be sure to check back :)

Alrighty ... take care! Make it a great day!


"If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page." Mark Houlahan


AzLinda said...

Great answers! Loved reading everyone's favorite exercise!

Sounds like you got in a great cardio workout this morning Michelle...and you choose, you go! I always choose weights over cardio..teehee. But I'm getting better and not hating cardio as much... :D

Fran said...

About running, I've read 5 minutes ago a blog from one of the girls I'm following. I think you might like it:

About operation fat blaster: is it for everyone, even Dutch girls :)

Marcelle said...

I replied to this on your twitter,now wondering if u got it???

Melissa Cunningham said...

i love reading the twitter q of the week posts!!! seems im not the only crazy running fool around, eh? LOL!
AND great job btw choosing cardio over weights!!! youre starting to become quite the cardio queen!!
proud of you!!!

destinationathlete said...

Very cool!

I have to ask though - what gym do you go to?

Kimberly said...

I know it sounds boring but I love walking. It is simple and basic and free and has given me such a sense of confidence as I shed the pounds.

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