What am I THINKING??

Yowzers ... I do simple feat like completing a triathlon and half-marathon, and now I think I'm SuperGirl or something and take on the world!

Here are a few things I've taken on at the moment ...

I've started my own business - Before & Forever! I am now an Independent Beachbody Coach, and will get paid to get fit, and help people to achieve their fitness goals! I'm very excited about my new business - but don't worry, Secrets of a Former Fat Girl is here to stay, and I will continue all of my features such as Mental Monday, Twitter Question of the Week, and Former Fat Girl of the Week as normal. I'll still blog here every day, without fail! Promise!

My son and I kick off our P90X adventure on Monday, September 1st (the day I'm officially cleared for workouts by my doctor!!) Because P90X is Beachbody related, I'll be blogging about our experience at Before & Forever, complete with photo and measurement updates!

I start training for the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on September 1st, along with Tigerlilly and Betsy. We're still looking for a few running enthusiasts to join our Get Fit Challenge Team in Phoenix. Let me know if you're interested!

I just joined the 30-Day EA Active Challenge at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and will start tomorrow, August 31st. I got the EA Active for Mother's Day but haven't really used it yet, so this challenge is just what I need!

I'm also kicking off The Biggest Loser: OFB Style on September 15th over at Operation Fat Blaster. More on that later!

Yeah, so I'm going to be a busy little fitness freak around here! And you know what? I LOVE IT!!

As part of the EA Active Challenge at the Sisterhood, I have to complete the following profile ...

30 Day Challenge Profile

Name: Michelle, chelle, chellie

Age: 30-something

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Family: 13-year old son, 8-year old daughter and a sweet tuxedo kitty

1) Complete the following sentence – “When I look in the mirror I see…

strength, determination, courage

2) What exercise do you take? What’s your current level of fitness?

I guess I do a little of everything? I'd say I'm pretty physically fit having lost 107+lbs, and having completed a triathlon and half-marathon this summer, plus being able to bench press 125 lbs and leg press 450 lbs!

3) How do you relax?

Meditation, yoga, and reading

4) Do you watch your weight?

Oh yeah ... working on shedding my final fatty fat fat!

5) What’s your favorite body part?

My core! It supports EVERYTHING and without it, I can't do ANYTHING.

6) What’s your least favorite body part?

My angel wings :) But they're slowly shrinking, so it's only a matter of time!

7) What’s your favorite way to workout?

Giving it everything I got - whether it's strength training, cardio, running, or biking!

8) Its time to work out, we’re most likely to find you decked out in?

An oversized tshirt and lycra pants. I'm a walking fashion emergency!

9) You’re due to workout, but it’s pouring rain. What do you do?

Pop in a DVD and workout anyway!

10) What’s the one item you wouldn’t be without when working out?

My iPod and an ice cold bottle of water.

11) What do you hope to get from the 30 Day Challenge?

Pride in committing to this challenge and finishing it strong!

12) What are you apprehensive about going in?

Nothing, really ...

13) How will you reward yourself after the challenge?

Hmmm ... maybe a massage?

14) Complete the following sentence – “I’m Active for …”

I'm Active ... FOREVER!

I hope everyone has a great day - I now have to make breakfast and pack lunch and snacks - the kids and I have a train to catch! We're headed to Chicago for a day at the Shedd Aquarium, and I'm finally getting my new Nike+ thanks to help from Sarah!!


“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” General George S. Patton


Fran said...

I would love to be in the 30 days challenge of EA sports active but this month is not a good month for me. If it had started on October 1st I would be in.

I've just bought Sports Active, waiting right now for the delivery of it. But I'm training for the 10K this month and am afraid that I overtrain to much and can't do my 10K.

Congratulations on your new job. Are you doing this beside your usual job?


Melissa Cunningham said...

WOW,not only are you supergirl/woman/mom,you are an ATHLETE!!! welcome to the club chica!!
im excited for you as you embark upon all these fitness adventures,im also glad you only have a few short days until you are "cleared" to go balls the wall again!!!
you go (super)girl!!!

Nerd Girl said...

hey michelle! what is the get fit thing for pf changs half marathon?? i am running it as well, but currently don't have anyone else running with me!

Sarah said...

Look at you!! Glad you'll be joining the challenge! How exciting about the beachbody!! :) Glad I was able to help with the apple card, but you deserved it!!

Anna said...

Have fun with the EA Active Challange. I have completed 2 of them. The Medium and Hard. After the medium one I had to go buy a new resistence band! LOL! Mine got wore out!

Betsy said...

Michelle?! Do you sleep?! I don't know HOW you do it all!!!

Congratulations on your new business venture. Hopefully when I can save some of my pennies, I'll be purchasing that P90X from you! :)

I can't wait for the BL challenge to kick off 9/15! And the marathon! Woot Woo!

destinationathlete said...

Wow, you are one BUSY chica!

We just signed up for the Zoo Bike Race on 9/13 and then we're doing the Devil's lake Tri on 9/20, not to mention the 30 Day Shred challenge I'm doing for September - I thought *I* was busy!!

Congrats on the new job - you're a great role model to do it!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Dang girl! You're amazing! I was thinking of doing a 16-week challenge with another group I found but thought, nah, with OFB and my own schedules, working in another fitness group challenge would be too difficult!

But you just motivated me to do it and sign up! Thanks, again, for the inspiration!

sian said...

WOW, girl you are making me feel very lazy...I bet you feel fantastic! Let me know how the beachbody gig goes...always wanted to know more about that!

Mesha said...

wow...don't burn out chick! good luck with your Team BeachBody. Joined your FB page too.

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