The Biggest Loser Diary

I am a huge LOST fan, and there's this guy named Daniel that does a Dairy recap of sorts after every epidose. It's isn't so much a recap of the show, but a dairy of his thoughts and observations while watching the episode.

I thought I'd do something similar with The Biggest Loser, it may turn out completely lame-o, but here you go-o!

7:01 "Do you want to get healthy or get fatter and sicker?" "These people aren't like you. They ARE you." So says Bob-alicious

7:02 YAY! Dan is back! Of course we already knew that because Jillian spilled it over the summer on her radio show.

7:03 "Don't ever say you can't do something." So says Bob-alicious. I'll say (or not say) whatever you want me to say Bob ;)

7:04 What a wimp. I'm already crying LOL "This is your life. What are you going to do with it?"

7:06 Meghan screams out - "I love that book?" Huh, what? Oh, Sean is reading Giggle Giggle Quack Quack to his child.

7:09 Uh-oh, the bus is pulling over and they aren't even at the ranch yet. Hey, that looks like where the BL7 Final 4 did their marathon.

7:10 Yup. It's the final mile of the BL7 marathon. Contestants will race the final mile. First person to cross finish line will get immunity, plus gets to pick their partner for the season, PLUS their partner gets immunity.

7:11 Ali has a surprise. Who's in the car that just pulled up? My money's on Dan. Meghan points out that they already showed Dan getting out of that car within the first three minutes of the show. I'm so proud of my 8-year old!

7:12 Commercial break. Commercials for Chili's, WalMart groceries, and the Meatball movie. I wonder how many food commercials will air tonite?

7:16 So who's in the car? Is it a bird? A plane? Bob-alicious or Jillian? No, it's Dan. Duh.

7:18 Ready, set, go! My money's on Dan to win.

7:19 "I want to do great things someday. It starts with doing great things for myself." Allen

7:21 Oh yeah, Dan wins. He ran 1 mile in 14:17. Snap.

7:23 Anyone else kinda freaked out by the way Tracy's acting? I mean, they already showed us she gets medivac'd off the beach in the first 3 minutes of the show, but still ....

7:24 Yep, there's the medivac for Tracy. Mo also goes to the hospital.

7:25 Commercial break

7:28 "This primetime lineup is brought to you by McDonald's" LMAO

7:29 Whew - Tracy and Mo are ok, but will stay in the hospital for a few days for observation.

7:30 Time to choose partners! Contestants have one hour to share their stories and get to know one another.

7:32 Yes, I am crying again.

7:34 I'm still crying. God bless Abby, I have no idea what I'd do if that happened to me.

7:35 Commercial break again. Thank goodness. I'm gonna go hug my kids and tell them I love them.

7:38 They pick teammates:

Orange: Dan & Shay
Green: Allen & Abby
Pink: Amanda & Rebecca
Gray: Rudy & Dina
Red: Antoine & Sean
Brown: Liz & Danny
Black: Alexandra & Julio
Purple: Mo & Tracy (still in the hospital)

7:41 Dun dun dun ... time for the first weigh-in!

7:41 Hubba hubba, there's my Bob-alicious again! Holdupwaitaminute ... they're like already split into "teams" on the risers by Bob and Jillian. When did that happen? Oh yeah, they are being trained by both Bob-alicious and Jillian this season. That spoiler came out this summer too.

7:42 Amanda, says "Help me." Jillian says, "You have to help yourself." LOL

7:43 "There are 4 guys over 400 lbs already." Jillian

7:44 Commercial break. WTHeck, it's only been 5 minutes and it's a commercial break already?

7:48 Shay weighs in at 476 lbs, the heaviest contestant ever. "OMG, this girl is big," says Bob-alicious. Nice, Bob.

7:51 Yep, contestants will be trained by both Bob-alicious and Jillian.

7:52 First workout with trainers. "I lied. Do 3 more." So says Jillian. Mwahahahaha

7:53 Oh I want to try one of those treadmill ladder thingamabobs!

7:54 "All you have to do is change your mind. It's a choice. Make a choice." Jillian.

7:55 OMFG, Shay quit! Poor Dan! Oh wait, Jillian spilled this over the summer on her radio show, so I already know Shay is coming back.

7:55 Commercial break

7:59 Shay came back, just like Jillian said she would.

8:01 Mo is back from the hospital - yay! Tracy is still in the hospital, that girl doesn't look good. Hope all is ok with her!

8:02 Contestants visit Dr. H & the team. I wanna do one of those Bod Pod tests!

8:03 Is it just me, or does Rebecca remind you of Amy C from Season 6??

8:08 Commercial break.

8:12 "Last chance workout, b*tch!" Jillian. LMAO Bring it on crazy woman! Yes I actually yelled that at the tv. My kids think I'm nuts.

8:14 "There's no crying over tractor tires." So says Jillian to Julio. Love it!

8:15 Ooooo ... Bob-alicious is talking. What did he say? I am so distracted by his amazing blue eyes. I can still remmeber what he smelled like when I met him and hugged that hunkalicious man. Yes, I'm crazy.

8:16 "Dreams come true through sweat and pain." That's deep, Sean!

8:17 "F*ck Ow" says Jillian to Alexandra. Hmm ... looks like there will be a confrontation between Jillian and Alexandra! Yep, there they go!

8:18 Walk to the weigh-in. Dun dun dunnnnn ...

8:18 Oh yeah, NBC is totally feeding my Bob-alicious addiction with a gratuitous shot of Bob-alicious running. Hmm, he runs to the gym. And I know what gym he teaches spin at. I am so moving to California, Sarah! lol

8:19 Commerical break.

8:22 Ali announces only 1 person from the team below the yellow line will go home. I wonder if this is a set up that Tracy won't be back so Mo will get a new partner??

8:23 The weigh-ins ..

Daniel -12 lbs; Shay -17 lbs.
They're safe with immunity.

Amanda -6 lbs; Rebeca - 18 lbs
Anyone else shocked that Amanda "only" lost 6 lbs?

Rudy -28 lbs; Dina -8 lbs
Go Rudy!

Antoine -18 lbs; Sean -22 lbs
"You can do anything." Antoine

Liz -10; Danny -24
Right on Granny of 9!

Allen - 19; Abby -15
"Death doesn't scare me," Abby. Awe, Abby made Jillian cry.

Julio - 13; Alexandra -13
Huh, Julio "only" lost 13 lbs. Same as his partner who's a female and much lighter than he is.

Mo - 19 lbs
Good for Mo for saving the team!

8:43 HEY! It's Mikey from Season 7 in a Jennie-O commercial!

8:46 Julio and Alexandra are up for elimination. My vote's on Alexandra going home, but I personally would have voted for Julio to go home. He cries over tractor tires. LOL

8:48 Deliberation. "Don't just look at numbers. I want people to think I am more than a number," Allen. My daughter chimes in, "That's really nice, but they should vote out Julio because he weighs more and is a bigger threat." That's my girl!!

8:49 The votes are in.

Purple - Alexandra
Pink - Julio
Red - Julio
Orange - Julio
Brown - Alexandra
Blue - Alexandra

8:50 Commercial break. It's up to Green to decide who's going home. I say they vote for Alexandra.

8:55 Yep, Green votes for Alexandra. Looks like the "old" contestants voted off the "young" contestant and the "young" contestants voted for the "old" contestant.

8:57 "You can push beyond and amazing things can happen. It's really important to believe in yourself because no one can do it for you. Success isn't determined by how many days you're on the ranch. Success is the determination you have in your heart." Alexandra

8:58 Wow, Alexandra has lost 60 lbs and is halfway to goal. She says she will be at goal at the finale, and is inspiring her mom and sister. You go girl! Wait, what's this about a crush on someone on the ranch? Hmmm ... is it Dan or Antoine?

And that wraps up my first installment of "The Biggest Loser Diary". What did you think of the premiere? I hope you enjoyed it!



Losinmythighs said...

I thought the show was great tonight & loved your little comments. I was thinking the same thing alot of time! and I cried only 3 minutes in too!!! This is going to be a great season.

Melissa Cunningham said...

love the post!!! i missed the forst half of the program though-what exactly is abby's story??

Pam said...

THANK GOODNESS I am not the only one who was crying right out of the gate!

It was a record night for me - four times in total I boo-hooed! That usually doesn't happen until later on in the season - that Abby is gonna KILL me!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your recap, Michelle!

I am so glad I have you all to talk with about this - I got my BFF to watch it for the first time last night and she emailed me to tell me by 8:30 she already decided that she hated it! : ((

I on the other hand think this is going to be an amazing season!

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Gotta be Dan. Did you see the look on his face when she was voted off?


I really enjoyed it... had to try NOT to cry through the whole thing because my hubby was watching... the synic, and making fun of me. But eventually, after weigh ins, he even said he felt bad for these people. I am soooooo glad you are doing this recap/diary because despite rushing out on payday to swap my cable box for a DVR so I dont miss during football practice... I am a DVR newbie and missed the second hour. So I got to catch up here. I even mentioned you in my blog. SO THANK YOU!!! I have never watched consistantly or even an entire episode so I didn't realize what a meanie Jillian is. I mean people know what she is all about but whoa. First workout and the F-bomb is flying full But... I am so stoked to watch the entire season and just love Dan... what a great hearted guy! And Abbey... OMG... I want to give her a big hug! So that's my 2 cents!

Amazon Runner said...

I bawled for two hours then sat there thinking about the many ways that weight has affected my life. My blog entry today reflects this.

Anyway, can't "weight" until next week!

Debby said...

I'm laughing my ass off here! I watched the show, but had I missed it, you covered it all!

I didn't agree with who went home. Bah humbug.

I forgot about Antoine...just assumed her crush had to be on Dan...intersting!

Thanks for making me laugh.

Tracy said...

Oh what a great show, it sucks me back in every season!!! I giggled everytime you said "Bob-alicious" :)

Connie Weiss said...

That was GREAT! I think it's Dan...he is such a sweetheart! I want to date him....

Oh wait. I'm married. And I'm so excited because I talked him into doing a Biggest Loser Challenge with me! YAY!

Elizabeth said...

That was soo not lame!! I really enjoyed your comments. No crying over tractor tires cracked me up too. I love Jillian. She scares the eff out of me, but I love her. I also LOVED how flipped out Bob was when Jillian said they should leave Shay alone for a day...LOL. Can't wait til next week!! :)

Fran said...

Thanks! I don't have to watch now: I just read your weekly recap and episode recap on the side!

Continue doing this: I like it!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

This is GREAT!! Hope you do it again... but it seems like a ton of fricken work... I love that they are being trained by both Bob and Jillian... helloo AWESOME!!!!

Did you see those rope thingys in the scenes for next week? My gym is bringing that in as a class in October...exciting stuff!!


Betsy said...


but at first I was a little thrown off with the "dairy" recap! ha ha!

Kristina said...

My $ is that Alexandra has the hots for Antoine.

Sarah said...

How'd I miss my name in there? Hahaha. Where does Bob spin? Send me a private message, just curious...I won't stalk him. LOL. Oh wait...hmmmm maybe I could lure him in with my cute little boy. Muhahaha. Seriously kidding though.

Anonymous said...

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