P90X Day 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Daily Weigh-In: 0 lbs

Well, the long awaited day has arrived! I admit it's been one of those days, and the thought of pushing my P90X start date off til tomorrow crossed my mind ... until I realized that life will always get in the way - there will always be hard days, stressful days, blah blah blah ... the only thing I can change is ME, so I pushed play and got right into my workout with Tony Horton.

A quick disclaimer - I am your average Plain Jane. I was not an athlete in school and have never been in shape. In fact, I'm currently in the best shape that I've ever been in, in my entire life. Which, when you look at me, doesn't seem like very much. But this the real me. While I have lost over 100 lbs since September 2008, I still have 50 or so lbs to go. I'm hoping that my personal P90X experience will inspire another Plain Jane or Average Joe to get up off the couch and take that first step towards a life of health and fitness!

So back to P90X: Day 1! Whoa - what can I say except I love Chest & Back! I love working all my glamour muscles! I attempted P90X a few months ago, but stopped when I won 5 months of free personal training at a local gym, so I was familiar with this workout already. I still pushed myself - hard, and it felt so good to work so hard! Diamond Push-Ups just kill me as do the Dive-Bomber Push-Ups, but they are so cool to do LOL I'm currently using resistance bands instead of a chin-up bar, but after my workout, I'm dying to do real push-ups, so I'll be ordering a chin-up bar this weekend. My favorite Tony Horton-ism from Chest & Back is "Stop saying I can't. Say I presently struggle with ..." This is so true, and kept me going when things got really, really tough!

Ab Ripper X was also simply divine. It is the most intense 15 minutes of ab work I've ever done. By the reverse bicycles, my abs are crying out for relief, but gosh, it hurts so good! I struggled with the Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit Ups, but you know what, this is Day One. I'm supposed to struggle. :)

As promised, I will be posting daily weigh-ins and photos. Today's Day One, so my daily weigh-in is 0 lbs - but it can only get better from here! Here's my photo of the day - a classic MySpace mirror shot for my sis Betsy (it's an inside joke) taken immediately after my workout. It sure isn't pretty, but I'm proud of this photo because it represents hard work and determination!!

My goal for my first round of P90X is to increase my lean muscle mass and lose 24 lbs of fat. I'm sticking to a very reasonable 2 lbs per week loss, to keep my goal measurable and achievalble. Of course I'd love to lose double that amount, but this isn't a race. I didn't gain all this weight in 90 days, so I don't expect to lose it in 90 days. That and the fact that I've already lost 100 lbs keeps me going - I've already had a taste of success and won't stop for anything now!

So all in all, Day One was phenomenal and I simply can't wait to meet the new me in 90 days!


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