P90X Day 10: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Daily Weigh-In: -1.0 lbs
Total P90X Weight Loss: -7.2 lbs in 9 days!

You know, it's been one of those days ...

I woke up, didn't feel well, but pushed myself to get up and complete my half-marathon training (4 miles today). Then I had to get ready for work and get the kids off to school. Work was crazy, but that's the new normal for me ... got a call from the health room at 11 that my son had a fever, and was in quarantine because the H1N1 virus has hit his school. Oh joy.

I picked him up and went straight to the doctor's office where they drugged him silly for his fever, and drew blood for the H1N1 virus. Initial reports are that it's the regular flu (thank HEAVENS). I got him settled at home, then had to rush out to drop my daughter off at a cheerleading clinic, then came back home to take care of my son.

Three hours later, I picked up my daughter - she and her friend ambushed me at the gym door saying I'm always saying we'll have a playdate "next time", so I caved and brought them both home for a quick dinner, drugged my son again, then dropped the girls off at tumbling class.

Came back home to check on my son (who's been passed out in bed all this time), then went back to pick up the girls from tumbling, drop her friend home, came back home, fixed dinner for my son (homemade butternut squash soup), helped my girl with her homework, gave her a bath, washed her hair, got her in bed, read a story with her.

I check on my son - he's finally cool to the touch, it must be one of those 24 hr bugs, thank Heavens! He says he wants to take a shower, so while he's in the bathroom, I look around his bedroom and can't believe what a mess it is and can't help myself from picking things up and tidying his room. He came out hungry again, so I fixed him a sandwich, then tucked him back into bed, where he's now passed out again.

Then I thought I could finally relax, so I sat at my computer ... I checked my fish in the Facebook App "Fish World" (don't ask lol), checked email (gosh you guys have been busy!), went to Operation Fat Blaster to encourage my girls with our upcoming The Biggest Loser: OFB Style challenges (starting next week, check us out!), and now I'm here, realizing I have to get my P90X Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X workout in. And it's 10:04pm.

So I don't know what you would do after a day like today, but I'm gonna go push play! Right NOW!


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DANG Michelle!!! You are awesome. I love your new mantra, Push Play! You are an inspiration and such a great motivator. Keep on going strong chica... can't wait to see how incredibly amazing you look at the end of P90X.

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

you really amaze me girl!! Do you ever rest?? Enjoy your day!

Fran said...

Amazing! After a day like yours I would sit on my couch at 10 pm with a glass of Chardonnay!

You rock!

Mother's Heart said...

Did I tell you that you are amazing? Great? My biggest inspiration?
I'm sure I've said that many times, but one more time won't hurt!

You are the best Michelle!

AzLinda said...

Ok...I'm throughally exhausted just reading this...wow, what a whirlwind of a day! You go girl is putting it mildly ;)

You are such a great mamma...that I know.

I PP today too..whoo hoo!

Kristen said...

Hope the son is feeling better today!

Keeven said...

What a long day! You rock our world!

seattlerunnergirl said...

I'm a little late to the party (catching up) but you are a ROCK STAR!!

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