P90X Day 2: Plyometrics

Daily Weigh-In: -1.4 lbs!

YES! I'm down 1.4 lbs overnight since starting the P90X program (workouts AND nutrition)! I know it's probably just water weight, but immediate results like that are hard to ignore and definitely encouraging!

Today's workout was Plyometrics.

Main Entry: plyo·met·rics
Pronunciation: \ˌplī-ə-ˈme-triks\
: exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power

Just saying the word is an exercise for your mouth! LOL

Well, Tony and the kids really helped me to get rid of a TON of stress with Plyometrics today! My typical plan is to do my P90X workouts first thing in the morning, but my schedule got a little out of whack, and I just finished it (it's 9:12 pm right now).

Sidebar - that's just another great advantage of P90X - it's always ready when you are, no matter what your schedule is like, if you're running late - you never have to worry about it being cancelled and it can always be rescheduled. All you need to do is push play!

I was disgustingly sweaty when I was done, and I can still feel heat radiating off my body! LOL My knees sounded pretty creaky, but held up okay for all of the jumps. My kids got involved with some of the "fun" jumps, like the Rock Star jump. I'm embarrassed to say they get more "air" than I do with my Rock Star jumps, but hells to the yeah do I feel like a Rockstar doing them! As soon as Tony demonstrated the jump squats, my 8-year old daughter yelled out, "I know those! We do them in cheerleading!" and proceeded to do a set with me.

All in all, I love Plyometrics - it is an intense cardiovascular workout and my legs were trembling when I was done. I do have a few minor muscle aches from yesterday's Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X workout, but I drank a recovery drink after my workout which definitely helps take the edge off the owies the day after a workout. Let me know if you'd like a recommendation on a great recovery drink :)

Well, here's today's daily photo ...

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