P90X Day 21: X Stretch

Daily Weigh-In: -0.4 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -12.2 lbs in 20 days!

I hope everyone is doing well - it's exciting to hear from so many of you regarding your interest in P90X. I just want to be clear that if you would like ME to be your coach, you will need to order your products directly from my website. If you go directly to the Beachbody website or order it from the infomercial, you will be randomly given a coach. :(

I must confess ... when the alarm went off this morning, I pretty much slapped it off my nightstand, and went back to bed LOL Now, I'm wishing I had just bitten the bullet and got up to workout. My afternoon is shaping up to be rather busy, which means I'll be working out late tonite. Granted, today is a choice between rest and X Stretch, but I haven't taken a rest day with P90X yet ... I feel a bit like a slacker if I don't do X Stretch, so it'll be a late night date with me and Tony pushing play!


"Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win." Nadia Comaneci


Tigerlilly said...

Hubby is doing P90X right now, but wants to get Insanity... I will tell him to contact you when he is ready to buy it. You have my full permission to kick his butt into gear!! LOL

Fran said...

This is really working great for you, amazing how much you've lost already and you're not even halfway!

I'm kind of interested, maybe for in January but I won't follow the nutrition plan than. First because I promised myself never to follow any diet or something of that kind and second a lot of products can't be bought in The Netherlands.

I'll might get back to you on this program if I have questions or decide to follow it.

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