P90X Day 25: Yoga X

Daily Weigh-In: -0.2 lbs
Total P90X Weight Lost: -13.6 lbs in 24 days

TGIF!! Boy oh boy, am I happy it's Friday! The past week and a half have been insanely busy at work, and it's spilled into my non-work life - most particularly, my online life. I apologize for the sketchy posts lately, and for the lack of my visiting YOUR blogs in awhile! My cup is overflowing with being a mom (and a single mom at that), working upwards of 60 hrs a week, managing my P90X every day, running Operation Fat Blaster and our Biggest Loser challenge, blogging (I now also have a family blog and knitting blog - yes I'm crazy), and everything else that it is that I'm doing.

As crazy as it's been, I am so thankful I have P90X, OFB and all of you to turn to :) GROUP HUG! lol



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