P90X Day 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Daily Weigh-In: -0.8 lbs
Total P90X Weight Lost: -4.2 lbs in 4 days

I switched things up today and did my P90X workout as soon as I woke up. I had a scrambled egg omelette before I worked out to fuel my body - I was a bit nervous as eating before a workout usually makes me nauseous during the workout, but I know how important it is to eat breakfast in the morning and also fuel my body for a workout.

I did get nauseous, but after a few minutes, I was too busy sweating with Tony and the kids to think about it.

I've always loved exercises for my legs, especially now that I'm a runner and completed my first half-marathon. Ever since I noticed my butt firming up and getting a little lift from lunges and squats, I take perverse pleasure in them, pushing far beyond the burn because I love the results!

Legs & Back also includes several types of chin/pull ups. I do not have a chin-up bar at this time, and use resistance bands for these exercises. There is a definite yearning in me to push myself harder, so I'll be picking up a chin-up bar this week and really bring it with my workouts.

Ab Ripper X is still pure awesomeness - I'm getting used to the burn, so I'm pushing myself and adding additional reps each time I have to do this workout. I know I'll have a six-pack, just gotta get it out from behind the 'frig :)

Well, all in all Day 5 is pure success. I'm hoping I didn't overdo it too much as I have a wedding this afternoon/evening and will be wearing 3-inch heels :) I have a feeling my calves will be really burning by the end of the night!

Bring it on everyone! Keep pushing play!


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