Tomorrow is here!

So all of my great plans went off without a hitch today! Actually, it was one of those days, and in all honesty, a big part of me wanted to push everything off until tomorrow. I'm tired, I'm stressed, blah blah blah ... the one thing that pushed me to do the right thing was the knowledge of the many countless days I decided to wait until "tomorrow" to make a change, to start my workut program or to start a new nutrition program. I realized all of those "tomorrows" finally arrived. Today.

So, I did what I said I was going to do today ...

AM: P90X Day One: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
PM: EA Active Day 3; Half-Marathon Training Day 1 (3 mile run)

My nutrition was on plan today, despite one temptation after another at work! Many of our interns are leaving as they're going back to college and they've been bringing treats galore into the office. Today it was an amazing looking dutch apple pie, a snickers cake, and cookies. I indulged in one tablespoon of Cool Whip Free :) It was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and feel "normal".

I hope everyone had a great day - let me know how you're doing!


"Stop saying I can't. Say I presently strugle with ..." Tony Horton


Tigerlilly said...

Great job! I started yesterday with P90X too... but am doing the LEAN program so I did Core Syn!

Hey, where do I find the program you are following for the half marathon training? I know you sent it to me but I can't find it.

Betsy said...

Words with Xs in them and stuff like "ripper" sound so hardcore! I think of American Gladiators or something when you describe your P90X workouts!

Fran said...

Three workouts on 1 day: I'm impressed. I ran 5 k before dinner and did 30 minutes Sports Active after dinner and now I'm tired :lol:

Good for you that you didn't wait for tomorrow this time! I wouldn't know how many times I've said that: tomorrow I'll start :)

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

I find it incredibly hard to balance eating well all the time and than indulging once in a while. When I do, and if it's a real a piece of that snicker pie/cake I sprial out of control. Kudos for you for being aware, having something that takes the edge off and feeling like you can manage it!! Can't wait to get to that point in my life...where I have control over food and not vice versa!

Alea said...

Wow! I just found you again and I'm totally blown away!

I don't know if you remember me from way back then... :) I just stumbled upon a blog that has your picture in the "followers" section and thought your face looks familiar. And it's really you!

You look great!!! And you're a thriathlete! I'm in awe. Just wanted to say a quick hello and hats off to you, because now I'll have a lot of reading and catching up to do... :)

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