The Biggest Loser Diary

Just catching up - this is from Week 4!

NBC has added three new features to the Biggest Loser page on The first is a “Weigh-In Game” which allows viewers to vote on the players they thought worked hardest and compare with their fellow watchers. The second new feature is “Dining Out Tips from Bob” which will help readers eat great, even out! I found this one particularly helpful. The final new feature is an excerpt from the new Biggest Loser book, Simple Swaps: 100 Easy Changes to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle. It contains a few easy to exchange items which will make a world of a difference.

And here are the videos!

Week 4 - Check out how Julio looks today!

Sneak Peek of Next Week's Biggest Loser

Week Four How far will players go for immunity? Find out with the Two-Minute-Replay.

Week 4 - Daniel confesses how he feels about the weigh-in each week.

Week 4 - The Pink team win the ultimate prize of talking to their loved ones with video phones.



Betsy said...

Thanks for posting. I often tend to forgot about heading over to NBC's site, but you know I read my Blogs! :)

Have you gotten the Simple Swaps book?

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