The Biggest Loser Diary

Enjoy the following exclusive clips from tonite Biggest Loser Season 9 premiere, courtesy of NBC, including a two-minute replay from last night’s premiere, the “Where Are They Now” segment for James, the Elimination, and several bonus scenes featuring a very “tough love” oriented Jillian!

Also included is Jillian’s appearance from The Jay Leno Show last night. Watch as the two take shots at each other, especially when Jillian tells him how much weight to lose. Also, she admits to being a fat kid and making the decision to change her life!

Week One (1/5/10) – 2 Minute Replay
After a public weigh in, the contestants all journey to the ranch and meet Bob and Jillian.

Week 1 Elimination
The players have to decide which player will be the first one eliminated.

Where Are They Now: Week 1 – James
Check out how James looks today!

Bonus Scene - Week 1 - Ashley's Breakdown
Ashley leans on her mother for support while on the ranch.

Bonus Scene - Week 1 - Jillian's Warning
Ashley pushes Jillian to her limits.

Bonus Scene - Week 1 - Jillian's Patience
Ashley is determined to make Jillian proud.

Bonus Scenes - Week 1 - Jillian's Request
Jillian needs Maria to push herself for her son's sake.

Bonus Scenes - Week 1 - Meeting Miggy
The Green Team's Miggy shares her story with the rest of the players.

The Jay Leno Show
Jillian confesses to eating cheetos and slams Jays weight.


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