The Biggest Loser Diary

Enjoy the following exclusive clips courtesy of NBC! :)

Week Two – 2:00 Replay
The teams see if they can beat the second-week curse. Catch up now!

Week 2 Elimination
The players come to a decision on who to eliminate from the ranch.

Week 2 - Patti
Check out how Patti looks today!

Training Tips (1/12/10)
Dr. H gives you advice on how to make a change.

Week 2 - The Red Team's Wake-Up Call (Bonus Scene)
Dr. H is forced to deliver a harsh wake-up call to the Red Team.

Week 2 - The Pink Team's Surprise (Bonus Scene)
The Pink Team get a look into the future.

Week 2 - The White Team's Harsh Reality (Bonus Scene)
Dr. H shows the White Team just how much their weight is damaging their lives.

Week 2 - Challenge Update (Bonus Scene)
The trainers find out how Maria injured herself.

Week 2 - Trainers' Desperation (Bonus Scene)
Jillian and Bob argue over how to keep Michael on the ranch.

Week 2 - A Message from The Pink Team (Bonus Scenes)
The Pink Team have too much fun filming a message to The Biggest Loser Club.

Shay's Excitement
Shay shows you her brand-new wellness room.

Brand New Day
Shay shares with you how she starts her mornings off.



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