The Biggest Loser Diary

Thank heavens for Laura at NBC! I don't know what I'd do without the exclusive Biggest Loser clips she sends me every week!

Today's clips include Bob-alicious on The Jay Leno Show last night! I'll take whatever clips of Bob-alicious I can get! ;)

Also, recap or rewatch tonight’s elimination and catch up with Migdalia after her time on the show in the “Where Are They Now” clip! And get a tip to help in your own battle to keep the weight off from Jillian in this week’s “Trainer Tip”. Plus, we also have a whole bunch of bonus scenes that you didn’t see in the episode for even more drama (oy vey!) from Week 4.

Preview next week’s episode, which has a team returning to the ranch to continue the competition in the “Next On” clip! Remember you can cast your vote on which past competitions you’d like to see on air this season – head over to the official site and vote now!

The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper is here.
Biggest Loser’s Bob talks about the red team controversy.

Week 4 Elimination
The players are forced to choose who to eliminate.

Where Are They Now: Week 4 – Migdalia
Check out Migdalia looks today!

Trainer Tips (1/26/10)
Jillian shows you the perfect afternoon snack.

Bonus Scenes: Week 4 - Red Team's Defense
Jillian tries to teach The Red Team a lesson.

Bonus Scenes: Week 4 - Migdalia's Concern
Migdalia turns to Jillian for encouragement.

Bonus Scenes: Week 4 - Melissa's Plea
Melissa reaches out to Jillian for help.

Next On: Who's Coming Back?
Find out which team will be returning to the ranch to compete in Tuesday's Biggest Loser.



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