The Biggest Loser Diary

Tonite’s episode featured an elimination without a vote, watch the elimination clip below to see what happened. And, catch up with John in the “Where Are They Now” clip to see how he’s doing today. There is even more from the episode that you didn’t see last night in the bonus scenes – hear from Miggy about her addition to the ranch with the scene included below. Plus, Bob and Jillian are back with this week’s Trainer Tips!

The next Biggest Loser will take place in the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. And, two Olympians will be lending a hand in training and the challenge! Get a sneak peek at the episode with 4 preview clips and hear from the contestants in the interview below.

Week Five – Two Minute Recap
The players welcome one more team to the ranch. Get caught up fast.

Week 5 Elimination
One player gets eliminated without the players voting.

Where Are They Now: Week 5 – John
Check out how John looks today and he what he does to get motivated.

Bonus Scenes Week 5 - Miggy's Update
Miggy is happy to see the latest addition to the ranch.

Week 5 - O'Neal's Strategy
O'Neal realizes he's entering a game on the ranch.

Week 5 - The Pink Team's Stress
The Pink Team confides in Bob.

Trainer Tips #1 (2/2/10)
Bob talks about working out and having fun.

Trainer Tips #2 (2/2/10)
How much money does America spend on Super Bowl Sunday?

Trainer Tips #3 (2/2/10)
Jillian tells you how much money America spends on Super Bowl Sunday.


Olympic Challenge
Alison brings out a special guest to show the players their pop-challenge.

Inspiring Story
An Olympic athlete shares her inspiring story with the players.

Motivational Workout
An Olympic athlete gives the players a motivational workout.

Olympian Interviews
Two Olympians inspire the players to push themselves further.



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