The Biggest Loser Diary

We have a ton of clips from tonite: catch up with the episode with the two-minute replay, watch who was eliminated in the highlight clip and catch up with Melissa in the “Where Are They Now”!

A special bonus video is included one below; Olympian Speedy Peterson tries to help Michael with some motivational words. And, you can get some special advice from Speedy in this week’s Trainer Tips – those are below too!

Two-Minute Replay: Week Six (2/09/10)
The players get Olympic training from the pros. Catch up fast!

Week 6 Elimination
One player falls below the red line and is automatically eliminated.

Where Are They Now: Week 6 – Melissa
Check out how Melissa looks today!

Bonus Scenes: Week 6 - Michael's Challenge
Speedy Peterson gives Michael some motivational words.

Bonus Scenes: Week 6 - Heavy Thoughts
The players feel uneasy about two people going home this week.

Bonus Scenes: Week 6 - Julia's Training
The players train with Olympian, Julia Mancuso.

Trainer Tips 1 (2/9/10)
Speedy Peterson gives you a challenge.

Trainer Tips 2 (2/9/10)
Bob and Jillian want you to support this year's Olympics in Vancouver.



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