The Biggest Loser Diary

Lots of clips for you today!

Watch Sherry return home and show off her progress to her family and friends in the Week 9 “Where Are They Now” clip. One of last night’s bonus scenes features Ashley having an emotional breakdown, definitely check it out to get more from the episode. See that below and check out all the bonus material on the official site: And, Jillian and Bob are back with this week’s Training Tips. We also have the “Next On” for next Tuesday’s episode!

Week 9 – Sherry
Sherry shows her family and friends how she looks today!

Bonus Scenes: Week 9 - Ashley's Breakdown
Ashley hits an emotional wall.

Training Tip 1 (3/16/10)
Bob shows you how to exercise without interrupting your job.

Training Tips 2 (3/16/10)
Jillian wonders if you could be the next biggest loser.

Next On: Big Homecoming
The players prepare for a BIG homecoming on an all-new Biggest Loser, Tuesday 8/7c


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