The Biggest Loser Diary

See the highlights from last night’s episode, featuring Danny Cahill and Suze Orman, in the Two-Minute Replay! Who went home last night? You can find out with the elimination clip from Week 13. And, this week’s “Where Are They Now” features a special message from Bob as we catch up with an eliminated contestant.

Two-Minute Replay: Week Thirteen (4/13/10)
Danny Cahill and Suze Orman visit the ranch!

Week 13 Elimination
The players have to decide who to eliminate in the 13th week.

Week 13 – Andrea
Check out how Andrea looks today and check out her special message from Bob.

Check out the three bonus scenes from this week on the official NBC Biggest Loser site! They're awesome! Thanks Laura for the clips!



Laurie said...

Hi Michelle-
I clicked on your blog just now and got on. Woohoo! Did you change something? This whole process has freaked me out. Whatever, glad to be back.

Tricia said...

thanks for the highlights.I missed this week so it was nice to get caught up!

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