The Biggest Loser Diary

Good morning!

Watch this week’s challenge and elimination and see who moved on to the finale with last night’s two-minute replay and elimination clip! And, follow the tumultuous seasons of the final four in the “Journeys” clip. The season finale will feature a sneak peek at Despicable Me, but catch up with Jillian and the minions in this week’s Trainer Tip. And, be sure to look for a whole bunch of previews of the live season finale!

Two-Minute Replay: Week Eighteen (5/18/10)
The players head home for 30 days. Watch the Two-Minute Replay.

Week 18 Elimination
Two players fall below the yellow line in the last weigh in before the finale.

Final Four Journeys
Watch Michael, Koli, Daris and Ashley's amazing journey on this season.

Jillian and the Minions
A trainer is there to help you and not hurt you. Just ask her minions. Make sure to tune in to the finale for a special sneak peek of Despicable Me - In Theaters July 9th!

Next on The Biggest Loser
The LIVE finale is finally here! Tuesday, 8/7c

Contestant Overview
Take a look back at the final four's Biggest Loser journey.


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