The Biggest Loser Diary

Sum up the finale with all the highlights we have below! We have the winning moment highlight to make sure you know who was crowned the biggest loser and four interview clips, in which you can hear from the some of the contestants and Bob after the finale. And, follow Shay’s continuing challenge as she weighs in for the Subway Weight Loss challenge. The Minions helped Jillian give us trainer tips throughout the season and now we have the trailer for the July 9th release of their movie, Despicable Me!

The Season 9 Biggest Loser Winner Is...
Watch the winning moment from season nine's Biggest Loser Finale!

Daris's Finale Interview
Daris talks about what's next for him after the finale.

Bob's Finale Interview
Bob weighs in about this season's Biggest Loser finale!

Michael's Finale Interview
The Biggest Loser, Michael has a special message to his fans at!

Koli's Finale Interview
Koli talks about what he's looking forward to most after the finale.

Shay's Next Subway Challenge
Shay weighs in for the Subway Weight Loss challenge at the finale.

Despicable Me Preview
Despicable Me opens everywhere, July 9th! Watch a preview here.


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