The Biggest Loser Diary

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View a whole bunch of clips from the live finale of Biggest Loser! The clips feature interviews with Ali, Jillian and a whole bunch of contestants, which were done after the finale, so you can get the down-low on the season that just finished. Hear from O'Neal, Shay and more about their experiences on the ranch and Sam and Stephanie about finding love!

Sam and Stephanie's Finale Interview
Sam and Stephanie dish about finding love on the ranch.

Season 8 Shay's Finale Interview
Shay talks about her next big Subway challenge.

O'Neal's Finale Interview
O'Neal thanks The Biggest Loser for giving him his life back.

Ashley's Finale Interview
Ashley takes a look back at her first day on the ranch.

Season 8 Danny's Finale Interview
Season 8's Biggest Loser talks about reuniting with Bob and Jillian.

Ali's Finale Interview
Ali talks about what set season nine apart from the rest.

Jillian's Finale Interview
Jillian talks about the finale and her all-new show on NBC.

Sherry and Cheryl's Finale Interview
Cheryl and Sherry talk about sharing this journey with their children.

Melissa and Lance's Finale Interview
Melissa and Lance talk about the workout challenges they face in Texas.

Andrea and Darrell's Finale Interview
Andrea and Darrell talk about their biggest breakthrough on the ranch.

Cherita and Victoria's Finale Interview
The mother and daughter team talk about their journey at home.

Sunshine's Finale Interview
Ali takes some time to catch up with Sunshine at the finale.


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