Are You Ready?

Ok, seriously, I need to get my rear back in gear. I've been using a few health issues as an excuse to feel sorry for myself, and I'm DONE with this pity party! Time to get back on track, do what I know I gotta do, and get this job done.

I'm going to start by getting some mental motivation by re-listening to Bob Harper's audiobook, "Are You Ready!" Who wouldn't love listen to Bob's sweet voice? :)

I'm also reposting my photo of Bob and me from my trip to LA for the BL6 finale ... this photo represents one of my best days ever, and remembering that feeling will hopefully rekindle the fire of desire back inside of me!

Who's with me?


P.S. Nothing's better than Bob Harper himself commenting on my facebook album that our photo together is cute :)


Irresistible♥Icing said...

You can do it Michelle!

Tricia said...

I'm back on track today too! Let's rock this summer!

Mom of Four said...

I'm with you!! I want to be a former fat girl!!

Mesha said...

I'm with you Michelle! :) I know you'll do it.

Emily said...

Thats so exciting....happy he posted. I just came across your blog and Im enjoying it very much.

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