Losing It with Jillian Michaels

Watch Jillian move in with the Vivio family in last night’s episode here and check out an emotional highlight as Jillian defends on the Vivio family at a local school. We also have two deleted scenes from the episode, which you didn’t see on air! Look ahead to next week, when Jillian faces a tall task – she has to fight culture and unhealthy habits as she moves on to a Native American reservation!

Leadership Class
Jillian speaks to Elijah's eighth grade leadership class about respect and acceptance of yourself and others.

The Barn
Before Jillian moves in the cats have to move out.

U-Turn LaVern
LaVern teaches Jillian how to report the traffic.

Changing a Nation
Jillian must change one person before she can change a nation.


"Live with Passion." Anthony Robbins


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