2 Year Anniversary

Two years ago, I took that first step towards a healthier me. It's been quite the ride, and I have to say I can barely remember the struggles, even though I'm sure they were overwhelming and all-encompassing at the time. I've learned so much about myself, and grown along the way. My biggest lesson - to love what I see in the mirror, regardless of what the scale says. It's going to be an evergreen lesson - one that I'll work on every day for the rest of my life!

With my 2 year anniversary upon me, I've made a decision to retire my Secrets of a Former Fat Girl blog. A big part of learning to love what I see in the mirror is to quit using negative labels on myself, and even though "Former Fat Girl" isn't a bad thing, it still has a negative connotation. So ... I'm in the process of creating a new and improved blog that will see me through the "forever" ...

In the meantime, while I gather my creative energies and create this new blog, you can keep track of my half-marathon training and bodybug'in by following me on Twitter, or adding me as a friend on Facebook by searching for "Michelle's Weightloss Page"!



Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Congrats on 2 years Michelle, you've made some amazing & inspiring changes!!

Looking forward to seeing the new blog.

Betsy said...

YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!! Michelle, you have inspired me so much on this journey to better ourselves. Thank you so much for being you!! :)


Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

LOVE IT!!!! & I can't wait to see the new improved bloggity blog!! YEAH!! & I second everything Bets said!!

Totally following you....

Anonymous said...

hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always enjoy browsing your site.

- Thomas

Christy said...

Oh Michelle, that is just beyond beautiful. I love that so much. You are beyond inspiring. Thank you.

Hey, how do you like that bodybugg? I've thought of getting one.

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