Former Fat Girl of the Week

I am very excited to share my first first installment of Former Fat Girl of the Week!

Former Fat Girl of the Week is a place for us to come to celebrate the successes and achievements of one another. Former Fat Girls of the Week are regular women like you and me, living normal lives, but are extraordinarily inspirational. This is their time to shine, and I hope you are as inspired by them as I am.

Name: Jeannie

Website: Points and Pounds and Friendly Philly Food
Age: 28
Occupation: Office Manager/Receptionist at a public radio station

How often do you exercise?
I shoot for 4 days a week. And on my off days I try to do yard work and clean the house etc so I'm still moving some! I also try to walk my pup, Maddie, at least once a day.

What's your favorite workout?
I love using the stability ball!! And I hate running :)

What 5 food items are "must haves" in your kitchen?:

  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • spinach
  • peanut butter
  • chocolate of course

Favorite quote?
I don't actually have a favorite quote. Kind of tragic, I know. Perhaps someone could suggest some quotes for me!

How do you find balance in your life?
Working out! I suppose working out more releases stress than anything, but through that I find balance. I'm at a point in my life where I don't have kids or really any responsibilities other than myself so it's pretty easy to find balance. My job is low stress, and my evenings and weekends free for fun. It works out quite nicely.

Last 5 songs listened to you on your iPod:

  • Weatherman by Kris Delmhurst
  • My Heart With You by The Rescues
  • Poker Face by Lady GaGa
  • Rockin' That Thang by The-Dream
  • Knock You Down by Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo

What do you love most about your body?
I'd normally say my eyes, but that seems to be a bit of a cop out so I'll step it up. I used to hate my arms. They were flabby and awkward. But now I have little baby muscles in my arms. Sure they're still a little flabby, but they're also strong! So at least this past week, I've been having a total love affair with my arms. I can't believe I just wrote that ... but it's true!

What is your greatest accomplishment?
About 5 years ago one of my friends talked me into doing the Philadelphia MS 150 bike ride. How she talked me into it, I have no idea. At the time I practically got winded taking the trash out. But my godfather has MS and I wanted to do it for him. So I trained for 8 months. Spent my weekends that summer doing 30 and 40 mile rides.

The actual MS 150 is a 2 day event. On Saturday you ride your bike from Philadelphia to the Jersey shore and then Sunday you ride back to Philly -- roughly 75 miles each day. We had a whole team together -- including my dad and brother. And when I crossed the finish line on the 2nd day... knowing that not only did I accomplish something for myself, but that I also raised over 1000 dollars for MS ... well I teared up a little. Perhaps it was because my butt was numb after over 15 hours sitting on a bike seat that weekend, but most likely it was simply amazing to know I could do anything I put my mind to.

Are you working towards a particular goal we can support you in?
Next weekend I'll be participating in the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon. This will be my first coed tri, but I'm excited because my dad and brother are also doing it! After that it's off to Wisconsin with Carrie to do the Trek Women's Triathlon with Michelle!

Congratulations Jeannie on being our very first Former Fat Girl of the Week! Jeannie was one of my first blogging buddies when I started out 2 years ago, and I can always count on her for inspiration, motivation, a great recipe, a caring ear, and good laughs! Be sure to check out Jeannie's blogs: Points and Pounds and Friendly Philly Food.



Erica said...

Love this idea! Your blog is fabulous!

jeannie* said...

So fun! Thanks for picking me as your first former fat girl!!

Cory said...

Great idea Michelle.

And Congrats Jeannie!

Great post.

*Fitcetera* said...

Great reading this story.
Love that you did the 150...ouch.
I admire your commitment to get that far.

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