Losing It Q&A

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With the series premiere coming on the other side of the holiday weekend, we have two great clips this afternoon to get you excited for Tuesday. Jillian takes some time out to answer fan’s questions in a very cool Q&A video and get another look at the series with the latest promo!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Fan Q&A
Jillian answers fan questions about her new series.

Making House Calls
This Tuesday, Jillian's crossing the country making house calls. Losing It With Jillian premieres Tuesday 10/9c.

The Biggest Loser Diary

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View a whole bunch of clips from the live finale of Biggest Loser! The clips feature interviews with Ali, Jillian and a whole bunch of contestants, which were done after the finale, so you can get the down-low on the season that just finished. Hear from O'Neal, Shay and more about their experiences on the ranch and Sam and Stephanie about finding love!

Sam and Stephanie's Finale Interview
Sam and Stephanie dish about finding love on the ranch.

Season 8 Shay's Finale Interview
Shay talks about her next big Subway challenge.

O'Neal's Finale Interview
O'Neal thanks The Biggest Loser for giving him his life back.

Ashley's Finale Interview
Ashley takes a look back at her first day on the ranch.

Season 8 Danny's Finale Interview
Season 8's Biggest Loser talks about reuniting with Bob and Jillian.

Ali's Finale Interview
Ali talks about what set season nine apart from the rest.

Jillian's Finale Interview
Jillian talks about the finale and her all-new show on NBC.

Sherry and Cheryl's Finale Interview
Cheryl and Sherry talk about sharing this journey with their children.

Melissa and Lance's Finale Interview
Melissa and Lance talk about the workout challenges they face in Texas.

Andrea and Darrell's Finale Interview
Andrea and Darrell talk about their biggest breakthrough on the ranch.

Cherita and Victoria's Finale Interview
The mother and daughter team talk about their journey at home.

Sunshine's Finale Interview
Ali takes some time to catch up with Sunshine at the finale.

Losing It with Jillian Michaels

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The Biggest Loser may be over, but Jillian is just getting started! Check out this special premiere preview clip below in advance of the series premiere next Monday.

Special Premiere Preview Clip
Jillian Michaels brings the Mastropietro family back from the brink after life got off course 22 years ago with the death of their newborn son.

The Biggest Loser Diary

Sum up the finale with all the highlights we have below! We have the winning moment highlight to make sure you know who was crowned the biggest loser and four interview clips, in which you can hear from the some of the contestants and Bob after the finale. And, follow Shay’s continuing challenge as she weighs in for the Subway Weight Loss challenge. The Minions helped Jillian give us trainer tips throughout the season and now we have the trailer for the July 9th release of their movie, Despicable Me!

The Season 9 Biggest Loser Winner Is...
Watch the winning moment from season nine's Biggest Loser Finale!
Link: http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/video/the-season-9-biggest-loser-winner-

Daris's Finale Interview
Daris talks about what's next for him after the finale.

Bob's Finale Interview
Bob weighs in about this season's Biggest Loser finale!

Michael's Finale Interview
The Biggest Loser, Michael has a special message to his fans at NBC.com!

Koli's Finale Interview
Koli talks about what he's looking forward to most after the finale.

Shay's Next Subway Challenge
Shay weighs in for the Subway Weight Loss challenge at the finale.

Despicable Me Preview
Despicable Me opens everywhere, July 9th! Watch a preview here.

Losing It with Jillian Michaels

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The premiere of Jillian’s new show is only a week away now and we have a bunch of great clips to help you prepare. Included below are four previews of the premiere episode!

Meet The Mastropietro Family
A larger than life Italian family from Massachusetts.

Family Meeting
The Mastropietro family lost a newborn son over 22 years ago.

Numbers are Frightening
Dr. Katya Van Herle sits down with the Mastropietro family to deliver their shocking health statistics.

Welcome Home
The Mastropietro family welcomes Jillian into their home.

Losing It with Jillian - Sneak Peek!

Jillian’s new series begins June 1st! This time, she’ll be a live-in guest trying to transform the lives of one family at a time. Watch a new promo below!

Transforming Lives
Jillian Michaels is making house calls this summer using diet and exercise as tools to rebuild lives.

The Biggest Loser Diary

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Watch this week’s challenge and elimination and see who moved on to the finale with last night’s two-minute replay and elimination clip! And, follow the tumultuous seasons of the final four in the “Journeys” clip. The season finale will feature a sneak peek at Despicable Me, but catch up with Jillian and the minions in this week’s Trainer Tip. And, be sure to look for a whole bunch of previews of the live season finale!

Two-Minute Replay: Week Eighteen (5/18/10)
The players head home for 30 days. Watch the Two-Minute Replay.
Link: http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/video/week-eighteen-51810/1228890/

Week 18 Elimination
Two players fall below the yellow line in the last weigh in before the finale.

Final Four Journeys
Watch Michael, Koli, Daris and Ashley's amazing journey on this season.

Jillian and the Minions
A trainer is there to help you and not hurt you. Just ask her minions. Make sure to tune in to the finale for a special sneak peek of Despicable Me - In Theaters July 9th!

Next on The Biggest Loser
The LIVE finale is finally here! Tuesday, 8/7c

Contestant Overview
Take a look back at the final four's Biggest Loser journey.

The Biggest Loser Diary

See the challenge and find out who went home with the two-minute replay and elimination video, plus check in with the eliminated contestant in the Where Are They Now clip. And, our friends from Despicable Me are back again in this week’s trainer tip!

Two-Minute Replay: Week Seventeen (5/11/10)
The players enter the do or die week.
Link: http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/video/week-seventeen-51110/1226944/

Week 17 Elimination
In the 17th week, one player falls below the RED line.

Week 17- Sunshine
Check out how Sunshine looks today and she tries on her goal jeans!

Despicable Me - Trainer Tip
Jillian shows her special guests the importance of bananas.

The Biggest Loser Diary

See all the great makeover week highlights in the two-minute replay, share the most important part of the episode in the elimination and catch up with the eliminated player in the Where Are They Now!

Two-Minute Replay: Week Sixteen (5/04/10)
It's Makeover Week! Catch up fast with the Two-Minute Replay!

Week 16 Elimination
The players face the tough decision on who to eliminate in the 16th week.

Week 16 – Sam
Check out how Sam looks today and meet his new girlfriend, Stephanie!

In Jillian’s latest Trainer Tip, watch as she attempts to help some “interesting” clients – the minions from the upcoming film “Despicable Me.” Jillian can handle anyone – but can she handle these characters?

Jillian’s Special Guests
Watch this week's Biggest Loser trainer tip with Jillian and the Minions from "Despicable Me", this summer's upcoming 3-D film starring Steve Carrell.

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