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Former Fat Girl of the Week is a place for us to come to celebrate and learn from the success and achievements of one another. Former Fat Girls of the Week are regular women like you and me, living normal lives, but are extraordinarily inspirational. This is their time to shine, and I hope you are as inspired by them as I am.

Name: Deanna
Age: 38 (39 in September)
Occupation: Laid Off Recruiter....Any one have a job for me??

Deanna before - June 2008

How often do you exercise?

At least five days a week – I want to up it to six days – I think I will be more successful if I exercise 6 days – I don’t think the 6th day needs to be major hardcore but something like swimming with the kids, biking, or just playing tag but something!!!

Deanna before - March 2008

What is your favorite workout?

I love to run but excited to start really working out – and lifting so I plan on figuring out what is really my favorite in a few weeks!!!

What 5 food items are "must haves" in your kitchen?

What is your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Deanna now

How do you find balance in your life?

Exercising, hanging with family and friends

Last 5 songs listened to you on your iPod/mp3 player:

I actually don’t have many songs on my Ipod under 200 but the songs that really help me through a tough run are:

  • It Takes Two – Rob Base
  • Right Now – Van Halen
  • Single Ladies –Beyonce
  • Tiny Dancer – Elton John
  • Let’s get it Started- Black Eyed Peas

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Besides a successful marriage, and two painfully adorable boys, I have lost 23 pounds in over a year and ½ and kept it off. In prior weight loss attempts, I wouldn’t of stayed this dedicate for so long - normally it would be all back on because I would of gotten frustrated and depressed.

I’ve been fighting really hard to keep it off, and love that I have accomplished that so far. In addition to that, I would also have to say that the 181 mile 12 person relay road race was a major accomplishment – I ran 15.5 miles over 24 hours in three separate legs with little to no sleep, and I kicked major ass!

Deanna running in her 181 mile relay race!

What do you love most about your body?

My legs, boy-oh-boy are they strong!! My sister pointed out a muscle that I never even noticed on the back of my’s all because of running, and I love to see my body develop!!!

Are you working towards a particular goal we can support you in?

Besides various 5k and 10k’s, a half marathon, a 60 mile bike ride and 50 mile relay race all before October 2009, I was also selected by Health Magazine to be part of their Feel Great Weight Program for 6 months.

The story is... I will be given a personal trainer 2x a week and a free 6 month membership to Equionox Gym, I will be working with a nutritionist for a customized eating plan, and other coaches. My weight loss will be tracked for 6 months in the magazine with a photo shoot every 4 weeks to do a before and after. I will be writing a short weekly blog that will be posted on the website and be interviewed by a writer each month. I will be styled by a stylist a few months into the program for my changing body... and other perks and benefits along the way!! The issues will be from October 2009 to May 2010. The program starts in tomorrow – July 20th!! I am so excited I can't stand it!!!

Deanna and her family now.

Congratulations Deanna on all of your achievements and successes! You are such an amazing Momma, and are definitely inspiring me to get out there and RUN! I can't wait to follow your progress in Health magazine, where people will discover what I've known all along - that you are a strong, determined, and inspirational woman!

In fact, dear readers, watch for the very first Secrets of a Former Fat Girl giveaway where YOU can WIN a one year subscription to Health Magazine, just in time for Deanna's makeover debut! In the meantime, please visit Deanna's blog, The Unnatural Mother!



AzLinda said...

Congrats Deanna!

Fat[free]Me said...

Well done Deanna - you look great and all that exercise is inspirational!

Learning to be Less said...

Oh I love this!!!! Thank you for sharing others stories. So inspirational.

Deanna said...

Michelle Chelly!!!! Thanks for posting this was weird to see myself in print but very motivational too!! Thanks for the comments as well - it's a great support system, that really helps me through the tough days!!! Yeah for us ALL!!!!!!! Dee

Mesha said...

way to go Deanna!!!

Betsy said...

First off, shut up with that Rob Base! LOVE that song!

And secondly, Dee!! You are AMAZING! I know I've been blogging with you for well over a year, but I'm so used to reading the little updates and accomplishments here and there and seeing everything you've done in one big bad list above just blows my mind! You really are a hardcore superstar! I CANNOT wait to see you grace the pages of Health Magazine! Rock ON with your bad self!!!

Excellent choice, Michelle! Thanks for showcasing such an inspiring FFG!


Lucas said...

Wow, that's awesome! How great that she's lost 20+ pounds already and now is starting a program that's sure to push her even farther along. That's SO cool!

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