Doctor's Orders

Well, I am officially prohibited from all high-impact activities until further notice. My neck pain hasn't gone away, so I went to see the good doctor yesterday. She wants me to take a break from high-impact activities (strength training, HIIT, cardio, running). We suspect it's a combination of things - overtraining, stress, and horrid posture. I'll be treating it with rest, Tylenol, hot/cold packs, and stretching. I'm also re-evaluating my work area to make sure everything's ergonomic and as it should be.

It's a bit of a bummer - I have really gotten hooked on running, and was looking forward to adding a few group classes at the gym this week. I'm definitely listening to my doctor though - I don't want this getting any worse! 3 weeks of headaches is the pits, and I'll do whatever she wants me to do in order to get rid of the pain ... I can't sit for very long periods of time, so I am getting some activity as I'm up walking around every hour or so.

Rather than obsessing about the things I can't control, I'm focusing on the things I can control, namely, my nutrition. This break from heavy activity is the perfect opportunity to tighten the screws on my nutrition. I'm working on our September meal plan for home - I forgot to mention I scored a free subscription to Clean Eating magazine, and the kids and I have been post-it-ing recipes that look yummers. I'm also going to experiment a bit with my food processor and blender and try to sneak in even more vegetables to our meals. It should be fun! :)

Weight Watchers was a lot of fun this evening - I really enjoy the group leader and the other people in the group. There is a great vibe and energy in the room on Tuesday nights! It probably also helps that I had another great weigh-in: -1.8 lbs! I've been really good monitoring my points, and haven't had to dip into my 35 weekly allowance points yet. I also haven't eaten any activity points yet. I really was eating too little prior to WW, so eating all my daily points can be a challenge!

This is where I usually go on about my daily workouts ... but with the workout restrictions in place, I didn't make it to my HIIT cardio workout yesterday or my total body strength/endurance workout today. :( It's a huge bummer because next week is my last week of personal training sessions and I really wanted to push myself HARD ...

Instead, I did an hour of yoga both mornings. I did Essential Yoga for Inflexible People with Maggie Rhoades yesterday, and Yoga for Back Care with Rodney Yee. They were really good workouts - I felt very limber and relaxed when I was done - I wish I could bottle that feeling and make it last all day long!

Sidebar - ok seriously ... is this lady amazing or what?? This is Dr. Lan Phan, a Broward County, Florida yoga practitioner.

I still feel a bit restless, but the nagging pain in my neck is keeping me on the straight and narrow with the doctor's orders! I'm also taking advantage of the down time and getting more meditation in as well. Other than the neck pain, I do feel more relaxed and not as stressed as I usually am. This could really turn out to be a blessing in disguise!


"Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings." Author Unknown


Marcelle said...

I have to agree with you, listen to your doctor and heal..time goes by so quickly, soon you'll be back to training, your body is trying to tell you something and now you forced to listen.

Congrats on the weightloss this week...I agree its best not to go into your activity or flex points. I only went into mine about 4x in the last 7 months - going out for dinners!!!

Just seen your pic with Ali and her mom...gosh that girl has beautiful arms!!!!

Fat[free]Me said...

Aww, shame you are unable to carry on with your normal workout regime at the moment, but I think it sounds a good idea to rest that neck a bit.

Looks like you are being as active as you can be and your attitude is still positive.

I hope it gets better soon!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Hey Michelle, even with the bad, you've managed to find the good... AWESOME! It I think it's great that you'll take this opportunity to "tighten the screws" on your nutrition. That's one area I definitely need help with.

Keep up the great work!

Amy said...

Hey Michelle, I have struggled with neck and shoulder pain for the past 10 years or so and one thing that really helped me was taking Tai Chi - it really helps you improve your posture and the alignment of your spine.

Women's fitness & strength training said...

Follow the doc's orders. I have been there before, I have a herniated disc (1'm only 25) and the worst thing ever is not being able to be active from time to time because of it. But it heels much faster when I just try and rest, last time I refused because i didn't want to take off from work even though I couldn't even walk from pain and it took 3x as long to get better.

Tigerlilly said...

Part of training your body is listening to your body. I'm glad your taking a little bit of a break, even if it is forced. ;) Focus on your food.. you'll be fine.

Dont forget to share some of those recipes!!

WriterMarie said...

I love that even though there are some things you aren't allowed to do right now, you are doing what you can. Once you heal you will be stronger than ever!!! :o)

Shannon C said...

Feel better! It's always a bummer to be side-tracked, but it seems you're keeping your spirits up. A positive attitude will take you a long way. Keep it up! :-)

Amy said...

Good for you for following the doctor's orders. You are a wonderful inspiration!

Melissa Cunningham said...

way to stay positive girlie!! i know it IS a bummer and can be quite depressing when you are on dr's orders,but again,it is so good to hear you are turning a positive into a negeative!! keep it up and please do continue with yoga and stretching.....the more stress you can relieve from the inside,(mentally,spiritually)the more relieved you will feel on the outside (physically)
again,keep up your awesomeness and please yeah,post some of those recipes you and your kids have been post-it-ing!


Fran said...

Allthough it's a disappointment that you have to take a rest from the workouts you love, it's good to listen to your body and to the doctor.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Your meal planning sounds great. I sit down every Sunday morning to plan our meals for the next week. I only get groceries once a week so planning is essential :)

Deanna said...

I love your positive attitude... all the time!! It's so refreshing!!

Jen said...

Hey Friend!
Man! SOOO Sorry to hear you are having neck problems! What a bummer! I know it's probably KILLING you to not be able to jump and run around! :o)
Glad you're smart and are taking a break!
Perfect timing for starting up your coaching biz! (hee hee)
Ps. CUTE feet you have there!! Nice flip-flop tan line!
And that Dr. in the yoga can totally do that! Have you tried it?

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