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Former Fat Girl of the Week is a place for us to come to celebrate and learn from the success and achievements of one another. Former Fat Girls of the Week are regular women like you and me, living normal lives, but are extraordinarily inspirational. This is their time to shine, and I hope you are as inspired by them as I am.

Name: Marcelle
Age: 47 (dreading the big 50)
Blog URL: South African from Cape Town Now Living in Germany

Occupation: Qualified Modern Dance, Aerobic and Spinning instructor - Been teaching for over 30 years - it helped me stay fit but if I over ate I still gained weight. Was never able to understand this, but now I know its all about calories in and calories out ... I must have been eating more calories than I was using up - hence ... I still managed to gain weight as a fitness teacher.

Currently .... a housewife who teachers an aerobic class once a week - gained so much weight when I moved from South African to Germany as here I sit in front of my laptop all day. The moment I moved more and watched my calorie intake the weight started to come off.

This was when I weighted in at my heaviest - my wedding day. Note the flowers, kept them up to hide how big my breasts were. Kept them there the whole time and warned my sister who took the photo's to make sure I had them covered before she took a photo of me. That day I wore a very tight underwear garment for the first time...I was 82kgs here. In the photo I am with my son and daughter and Heinz with his daughter at the back.

How often do you exercise?

5/6 times a week - sometimes I find it easy to get up and be active and other times I struggle. Its a mental fight which I'm proud to say I win more than I lose. I try train for 90 mins daily, if I have a hectic day, I'll do 60 mins of heavy cardio - if I have time I train for 2 hours. When I started on this journey I struggled to do one hour's of far I have come.

Marcelle in 2007. "I hated seeing how big my breasts were and also the roll around my stomach..."

What is your favorite workout?

Running outdoors and on treadmill, walking on incline, the eclipse and Dance Aerobics that I teach. I only started running this year...up till now I've hated it, my breasts were too big so running hurt them. I do enjoy working on the machines as toning is so important after losing the weight.

Every year I would take out the bike in an attempt to lose the weight...but until I put a good balanced diet and training program together for myself I never achieved any weightloss.

What 5 food items are "must haves" in your kitchen?

  • Yogurt

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Weight Watchers treats

  • Tuna

What is your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?

Live each day as if its my last.

Marcelle says "We had a TV show that came on every morning for about 20 mins...called Bodybeat. I took part in this show for a few months. Note I am the only women wearing black pants as I thought my legs were fat in flesh color tights and looked thinner in weight issues have been with me for years."

How do you find balance in your life?

Walking in the forest with my camera - its so peaceful. My four grandchildren and my family.

Last 5 songs listened to you on your iPod/mp3 player

I listen to Step music when walking and Aerobic music when running..this works for the beats per minute get's faster and faster with each song.

Marcelle has been an aerobics teacher for over 30 years!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Taking a group of ladies over to the World Aerobic Championships in San Diego and winning the World Title.

I also won *Instructor of the Year*

What do you love most about your body?

Right now - how small my breasts have gotten since losing the weight. The improvement in my upper arms... How flat my stomach is compared to before... That my body is healthy and I feel fantastic at 47, my body works with me, never lets me down.

The new Marcelle!

Are you working towards a particular goal we can support you in (upcoming races, a wedding to look good for, etc)?

My goal I am working towards now is to maintain my weight, something I've struggled doing in the past...and then my personal goal is to run 10kl without stopping.

A little more about me.

I dated a man who used to tell me I was *fat* when I weighted 68kgs (149.9lbs)- he would tell me how my body put him off...I would go into hiding and not allow him to see me naked as I believed I was disguisting. So when I my weight reached its highest of 82kgs ( 180.8 lbs ) I felt there was no return...I felt obese and hated that I allowed myself to pick up so much weight...I never even weighed 82kgs at the end of my pregnancy's!

I struggled for 4 years to lose the weight, I tried Atkins diet, Diet pills, Fat pill absorbers, you name it I tried it...only to lose a few kgs and then gain it all back. I noticed that family and friends treated me differently when I'm over weight..I hated it.

I looked at myself differently as well...firstly I could not look at myself in a full length mirror and when I did I looked at myself from a distance, I have a small mirror for my make up and hair..I didnt want to see the rest of myself while doing my hair or make up...I hated mirrors...mirrors were my enemy.

Six months ago I decided I'd had enough of this struggle with my weight...once and for all I had to win this battle. I remember my hubby's words when I started with Weight Watchers * why you putting yourself through this, you diet but your shape never changes * - inside me something clicked...he was right of course and I wanted to show him that this time it was going to be different. I created an online group where I could speak about my weight journey and with the support from the other members I was able to keep to my goal...days I didnt feel like training I would get messages reminding me of my goals, and also telling me to *get your butt to the gym...NOW* and I would get out of bed and take my body to the gym. I have kept an online journal of my day to day struggles and highs...its wonderful to go back and see how far I've come.

Marcelle now - a mom of 3, grandmother of 4 and 47 years young! ....
What an inspiration!

Today I have lost a total of 21kgs ( 46.3 lbs ) - my starting weight was 82kgs ( 180.8 lbs )and today I weigh 62kgs.( 136.7 lbs ) I am aiming for 60kgs ( 132.3 lbs ) I've had to give this journey all my focus and takes day to day planning ... what you going to eat and your training but I can say its so worth it, seeing the end result is fantastic..I love the mirror now, its my friend!

Marcelle, I am so thankful I found your blog and count you as one of my blessings! You have such a wonderful and fresh look on life and health/fitness. Visiting your blog is one of my favorite things to do, it is always refreshing to see your smiling face and beautiful family. You are an incredibly strong woman, and I have no doubt that you are setting an amazing example for your children and grandchildren! Please be sure to visit Marcelle's blog and commend her on her inspirational transformation!



Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. Amazing.

Tigerlilly said...

Marcelle, your an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

AzLinda said...

Congratulations to the beautiful Marcelle!! Look at your hot sizzling abs girl! Wowee! You are quite the inspiration!

Mesha said...

WOW - yea...i'm 24 and i'll NEVER have a body like that! WOW! way to go - WOW!

Washing Away the Gain said...

Marcelle you look FANTASTIC girl!!

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