The Biggest Loser Diary

Holy canoli - was last night a roller coaster or what? I'm still in the midst of organizing all of my thoughts for my installment of The Biggest Loser Diary, but here are a few Biggest Loser clips courtesy of NBC just for you! :)

Ask the Trainers: Bob & Jillian reveal the access the players have to the outside world and how it influences the players along the way.

Week 3 - Observations: Coach Mo accuses the rest of the players of forming alliances.

Week 3 - The Ultimate Temptation: The players face the ultimate temptation of cupcakes!

Week 3 - Antoine: Check out how Antoine looks today and his answers to your questions.

Week 3 - Sean: Check out how Sean looks today!

The Biggest Loser Wii Game: Get a preview of the new game here!


P.S. For my international readers, Laura at NBC gave the following response when I asked her why you are unable to view the video clips: "For legal and contractual reasons certain content is not currently available to international viewers. We'll be sure to update our home page if/when that changes -- and we will let you know! No time frame yet though, unfortunately."


Kristina said...

Michelle, thank you for all of your inspiration. Ive got something for you, check it out at:

My Own Two Feet said...

Awesome BL post, I didn't know about these added clips, thanks for sharing. :D

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

I hate the game play - it is bound to happen, in my opinon the show still rocks, although I wish they would dig a little deeper - re: why they got to heavy..

Amy said...

I was wondering if that was why the video wouldn't play for me. Sigh. I'll just have to rely on what everyone says in their blogs about it!

Fran said...

For me the same goes as for Amy.
Stupid NBC :lol:

I'm curious about how the Wii game is going to be.

Mesha said...

It's hard to remember it's a game along with life change when you watch the show because I often find myself getting incredibly frustrated with the contestants as well for how they act - but then I remember that they are "contestants." Each one is set out to absolutely change their lives...but anytime there is a prize involved, there is still a game/competition side to it all which stinks b/c the creative liberties the directors have on this show somewhat alter our views and opinions of the individuals from the show. I say all this because by friending the majority of them on facebook I've watched time and time again them be attacked as people because of how an episode went and it breaks my heart that they go home to normal life and have to fight this perception America now has of them. :(

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