The Biggest Loser Diary

Two special guests will be stopping by to lend a hand in next week’s makeover episode. Find out who they are with the preview and sneak peek clips we have below! We also have interviews with the contestants, find out who’s looking forward to the makeover and who’s going to have some trouble with it.

The Road to Makeover Week
The players share excitement over their upcoming makeovers.

Sam's All-New Makeover
Watch as Sam shares his new look with two special guests.

Makeover Week on The Biggest Loser
The players prepare themselves for the popular makeover episode!

Sneak Peek: Michael's Makeover Dilemma
Michael tries to not get discouraged while shopping for new clothes.

Sneak Peek: New Hairstyles
The players prepare for their new hairstyles during makeover week.


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