P90X Day 16: Plyometrics

Daily Weigh-In: -0.8 lbs
Total P90X Weight Lost: -11.2 lbs in 15 days!

Yay!! It's jumping bean day! LOL I heart me some Plyo!! Don't get me wrong, it's TOUGH, and I never thought I could EVER jump that much in an hour. In fact prior to P90X, I never did! LOL But Tony Horton is just so much fun and his playful personality just jumps right out at you in the DVD.

Plyo was followed by a 4 mile run in my neighborhood. I really don't like that the days are getting shorter. I was almost tempted to run with a flashlight, but my neighborhood is really safe - no one really comes into our subdivision unless they live there, and you can't cut through my neighborhood to get anywhere, so traffic is really light at that time of the morning. I ran along the golf course boundaries, so it was kinda hilarious to see deer and other critters out on the green!

I'd like to invite everyone to visit one of my most amazing clients and friend, Lori-Ann. She has lost 100+ lbs to date, and is working on another 100+ lbs. I can't wait to follow her transformation - she is already an inspiration to me!


I would love to help you transform your life - whatever your goals may be, I can offer you the support, motivation, and the right tools to get you there. Contact me and let's get started today!


Sarah said...

If I remember correctly my husband likes Plyo too!
You're a rock star!

Carlos said...

you are kicking ass! way to rock it

Losinmythighs said...

I am so impressed that you are doing P90X I just think it is amazing when women do the same program that men do... I have been contemplating doing it myself. But didnt think that I can make it- or stick with it! After reading this blog I def. want to do it!!!

i would love to chat more with you about your experiences... what diet plan are you following? The one included in the program?

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

You are killing it Mama!!! I ran today too - such a great feeling right? Where can I get more info on this P90X- should I just google it?

Betsy said...

Wow Michelle, you are on fire! I can't believe that weight loss. I think I might be contacting you for the P90X!

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