P90X Day 17: Shoulders & Arms; Ab Ripper X

Daily Weigh-In: -0.2 lbs
Total P90X Weight Lost: -11.4 lbs in 16 days!

I really feel like I can see more definition in my shoulders in just 16 weeks. Maybe it's all in my imagination, but when I look in the mirror, they just look, broader, but leaner too. Pretty cool :)

I've been getting alot of comments on how great my weight loss has been as well, and I want to be sure to tell everyone that my nutrition is spot on, and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. No amount of exercise in the world will give you long term results if you're eating crap!

My double am workouts are going well - I killed a 4 mile run after P90X and really pushed myself to go as fast as I could. Which isn't that hard to do as the mornings are getting darker and darker. My overactive imagination coupled with my weird fascination with horror flicks makes me think there are Night of the Living Dead zombies hiding in the shadows ready to eat my brains LOL

Hope all is well - I'm so happy it's FRIDAY tomorrow!


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