In Your Face!

I should warn you, this post is a little more "in your face" than my usual posts.

"Michelle, I just don't have time to workout." I hear this ridiculous excuse on a daily basis. To be blunt, I'm sick of it. If you feel like you don't have time to workout - answer me the following questions:

Is it true that out of the 1,440 minutes in a day you can not find 60 minutes to workout?

How can you not find a measly 60? There are 1,440 to choose from!

Are you able to find time each week to watch your favorite 60 minute television shows?

Could it be possible that you haven't YET made exercise a priority?

Why isn't exercise a priority in your life?

Do you know what lack of exercise will do to your body?

Do you know all the benefits of a regular exercise program?

Do you know that you only get one body to get you through your entire lifetime?

You are aware that you can't trade your body in like a used car, right?

These questions are, in no way, meant to anger you. I ask them in hopes that they will get you to open your mind to the possibility that you CAN find time to workout.

So, the answer to the question "How do I find time to workout" is simple ...

Move exercise up the priority ladder. Once you realize the benefits of a regular exercise program, you'll want to move it up that priority ladder of yours.

Whatever you need, I'm here to help!



Tigerlilly said...

Great post. I found that I just needed to wake up an hour earlier to fit it in. I was never a morning person, but now I'm finding it to be may favorite time of the day.

Love you Sis. Keep up the great work.

Corey said...

Shout it from the rooftops, girl!! This is DEAD ON! I remember those "I just don't have time" days...I just wasn't ready to move forward, it wasn't about the "time". Heck, we're all busy - have busy lives, things to do, work, kids, etc. But there IS ALWAYS TIME to exercise...the question is, how bad do you want it? To those who answer, "Yeah, but I really DON'T have the time!" I answer with a big-fat "WHATEV! Ur just not ready." Rock it out Michelle! Great post!

Melissa Cunningham said...

whoo-hoo!!! tell it like it is COACH!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh yeah,and also...can i get an AMEN sister!!!

Fran said...

I have to admit: 6 months ago I was the one who would have been saying to you: I don't have time to exercise.

But since I started running end of March I made time for my running sessions and when running went better and better I added other exercises. This month I'm doing the shred every day.

Exercise/losing weight is my top priority at this moment and it feels good!

misssarahlou said...

Great post Michelle. Not having time is not a good excuse!

Mary C said...

If I can find time, in between pain and Fibro outbreaks, anyone can.

even the docs say 10 minutes here or there....6 times a day - and you have 60!

I wear a pedometer - and I check it right before supper - how many more can I add up before I go to bed? That adds minutes!

I'm down another pound - that makes 25# since August 1.


Amanda McQueen said...

Right on girl! I have some friends that say things just like that, and of course I'm nice and hold my tongue, but it really infuriates me. Another one I get alot is, "healthy food costs too much".

Betsy said...

I needed to hear this! Thanks for the "in your face, sucka!" attitude!

Carlos said...

preach it, sistah!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Well said. I just had this very discussion tonight with my gal pals we agree that exercise is the easy part in this process - it's the food and the emotional attachment to the food that bites ya in the ass!!!!

Continuous Changes said...

Making exercise my #1 priority has changed my life. My loving boyfriend supports me and if he needs me to help or to do something, he asks "Can you help me with X after your run?"! It's definitely made the difference. The days I run late, he'll ask me early "Aren't you going to go run today?". I'm so blessed to have his support and sometimes his push to get me through this :)

Mary C said...

Ya know...healthy food may cost a bit more....but not as much as an ER visit in a squad for strange chest pains.

Ya know...we are all busy - but if the heart breaks, or the hips break....everything is going to stop while we sit in the hospital.

Love everyone's comments! And, you rock, Michelle!

Sandra said...

Humph... just what I needed to read toay. I was going to post on my blog today (it is in edit mode) about my lack of regular exercise lately. I think I'll post it anyway with a link to this just to keep me on my toes.
Thanks Michelle!

Mother's Heart said...

We all sometimes need to read something like your post to wake up ...
btw, this is not in my face because I at least walk daily for an hour ;))))

But honestly... Thank you for being a great inspiration.... Love you and your blog ;)

Jen said...

I think we've all used this excuse at times...and there are seasons in our lives where it is truely a VALID response. The key lies in not letting it REMAIN an excuse. We all have days (or maybe even a week) where life is chaos and trying to workout in addition to the other 1463 things we are doing is just impossible.
BUT all the rest of the time...we CAN find the time..if we really wanted to. If you don't want to give up your favorite TV can actually work out WHILE you watch for crying out loud. It couldn't be any easier.
Next would you tackle the "I just don't have the energy" exuse???? I'm really getting sick of hearing that one too...

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