The Biggest Loser Diary

Take a look at the videos we have below to add to your episode recaps: we have the two-minute replay, the video of last night’s elimination and the Where Are They Now, which catches up with Melissa. And, on next week’s episode, last season’s winner Danny Cahill is back – as you’ll see in the preview!


Week Twelve- Two Minute Replay
Who will win immunity in this week's big challenge? Catch up with the Two-Minute Replay.

Week 12 Elimination
The players face the difficult decision on who to eliminate in the 12th week.

Week 12 – Melissa
Check out how Melissa looks today and watch her answer your message board questions!

Next on The Biggest Loser
It's the return of last season's winner, Danny Cahill on The Biggest Loser.



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