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What is your go to meal when you're busy and pressed for time?

  • Annabel says: A hummus plate with veggies and pita! Quick, healthy and delicious (oh, and cheap, too!)
  • Kyra says: Shrimp scampi. I almost always have shrimp & green peas in the freezer, and I always have garlic paste & olive oil in pantry
  • Amanda says: - Fast food: Subway sub. Homemeal- boca burger, pickle, w/ side salad. I have tons of preportioned meals in my freezer made up 2
  • Kristie says: Pan cooked Tilapia with lemon juice. They come individuallly wrapped and only take 30 minutes to thaw. yum yum
  • Tigerlilly says: Ground turkey with salsa, beans and rice all mixed in. Makes a quick 'chili'. Oh yea... and a banana smothered in peanut butter!!! mmmmmmmmm
  • Betsy says: Quesadillas. Corn shells. Cheese. Pico de gallo. Avocado. Yum.
  • Foodie McBody says: turkey chili. Open black beans, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, chili spices. Mix with ground turkey. Voila.
  • Kari says: Chicken Soft Tacos FRESCO-STYLE at Taco Bell = YUM
  • Jeannie says: Peanut butter sandwich... My comfort food.
  • Christi says: PBJ - Wendy's

Thank you all so much for your answers this week! I've been struggling with this myself as I find that we're so busy lately, and I knew you'd have really great suggestions for me! Please be sure to visit everyone that participated this week and either follow them on Twitter or Blogger!

Here's my answer:

  • Our go-to meal is soup! I always have Trader Joe soups (Organic Tomato Bisque, Free Range Chicken Broth, Butternut Squash, Organic Vegetable Broth) in the house, and add whatever we're fancying that night - we'll just chop up some veggies, add chicken (already sliced and pre-portioned), or pasta (TJ organic alphabet pasta or TJ brown rice fusili), or beans, or whatever! Super fast, super easy, and super healthy! The kids have gotten really good at making single serving size portions this summer. I love that TJ soups comes in easy pour cartons too!

Thank you all so much for your supportive comments on yesterday's post! It feels really good knowing I'm not going to live the rest of my life as a spectator, you know?

So who knew laser tag is an amazing workout? Sheesh, between playing laser tag and playing Dance Dance Revolution, we were all sweating buckets by the time we left last night! I spent most of the night being a human shield for my daughter LOL She was the littlest in the group for each game so everyone kept picking on her. I am a serious champion of underdogs, so I did what I did to make sure she had a great time. It was really nice getting a good sweat on - especially after being a slug all week long!

The laser tag arena was 2 stories tall, so we got a massive workout running all over the place. We had a great deal last night - $15 per person for unlimited play, but the regular price is $7.50 a game, so I doubt we'll go back anytime soon.

The weather this summer has been really weird - alot cooler and wetter than normal. It was downright chilly this morning, and as I walked to work along the riverwalk, the wind chilled me to the bone! I'm so not ready for Fall - not just the cooler temperatures, but because I have nothing to wear! I got rid of all my cold weather clothes earlier this summer, and have nothing to wear (other than summer clothes!) I'm going to hold off on buying clothes as long as I can - I'm not at goal yet and don't want to spend too much money on a new wardrobe. I have visions of consignment stores and thrift shops in my future!! It should be fun! What do you do when you're inbetween sizes but not at goal yet?


"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm ... As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others." Audrey Hepburn


Fran said...

I haven't got clothes for in between sizes: 3/4 of my clothes fit, the other 1/4 I still don't fit :)

I did laser tag a few years ago with collegeas from work, it was so much fun so I can imagine you had a great time last night.


Betsy said...

Laser tag, how fun! Sounds like a great time...and workout!

I love the thrift stores! Boutiques as my aunt calls them. I like to shop them regularly because you can find really cool and unique things. Whenever I wear something from the "boutique" I get millions of compliments. Whenever I wear something I spend a ton of money on, no one ever says anything. Probably because they see it on everyone else. Remember my dress at the Taste? Exactly. I've never caught in the same outfit as anyone else!

Have fun boutiquing, it's so fun too. Like a treasure hunt, really.

It's chilly in Chicago too. :(

Tigerlilly said...

Honey, I have become a thrift store diva!! LOL

I go with a bag full of 'fat' clothes and leave with two bags of 'sexy' clothes. At least until the next time! I just found a store here in town with fantastic 'gently used' clothes, and nothing is over $2. I'm in love... and my closet is stuffed. I think its time to clean it out again.

PS... what size are you these days?? Maybe I can send you a little care package to tie you over til the next loss!!

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