The Biggest Loser Diary

Yeah, so I have the most beastly case of PMS east of the Mississippi, and it kinda spewed into my Biggest Loser Diary ... the snarkiness didn't even hit me until my daughter read my notes and said "Geez, Mom, it's a little mean tonite" LOL


I will not post my recap. I thought about rewatching the episode and posting a new Biggest Loser Diary, but quite honestly, I don't have another 2 hrs to spare sitting in front of the tv.

Instead, I'll just post the moments that really stood out to me.

So here we go!!

7:07 "It will be done," Coach Mo.

7:11 "The Ultimate Truth = Calories In vs Calories Out," Jillian. AMEN to this!

7:16 "I've seen people gain weight because of stress," Bob-alicious. Hm, Bob's been watching me ...

8:32 "How long have you been unhappy?" says Bob to Shay. I totally feel every word she is saying.

And that's it. LOL With their amazing weight loss this week, I wonder if the "Dreaded Week 2" will turn into the "Dreaded Week 3"? I mean, Jillian did tell Bob, "Let's hit them this week, and deal with it in Week 3." Anyway ... what did you think about this week's episode?



Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

I love BL, I love the triumphs and love to see them working so hard, and shedding each layer. With that being said, I still can't get past Jillian and her hocking her pills, it's pissing me off - and I do wish they would go deeper into teh emotions on why they got so heavy, we don't see enough of the breakdown, because frankly, we all know that in real life you can't spend 4-6 hours in a gym, are they setting them up for failure when they get home. I think all but 2 BL contestants gained some or all of the weight back. Look at Tara Costa, ended the season at 139, and is now at 164 and she was an animal on the show - unstoppable. I will continue to watch, cause I do enjoy it but as I am digger deeper, and as I see the people around me succeed (like you, bets, corey, tammy, thin girl, etc...) and peel off those layers, I want to see that on BL too.

Enough of my two cents?

Sunny said...

Loved the episode! I was SO happy that they did 2 things:

1. focused so strongly on the food side of it; something I think this show has downplayed way too much forever,

2. focused the whole week on teamwork as a complete group, instead of the competitive side of it.

One of my favorite episodes ever!!!

Fran said...

I give up: I'm not able to see this in Holland so I'll do it with your recaps.

Michelle, I need your advice. I'm having a 10K on Sunday and I've catched a terrible cold. I did run 2,5 miles today but I've noticed that my lung capacity is not 100%. What's the best thing to do: rest until Sunday or do a short run on Friday to experience how my lung capacity is then?

Betsy said...

I LOVE Coach Mo, I was laughing when he gave his little pep talk, but it's so true. He's like Dr. Huxtable or something...everyone loves him and he's like the leader of the house.

I wrote some of my thoughts on my blog as well. This is definitely an interesting season!

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