The Biggest Loser, NBC and Me

I'm pretty excited to share that I was contacted by NBC via Twitter and was offered exclusive clips, recaps, interviews, etc each week to post on my blog for all of YOU amazing readers to view!

The clips today feature the two-minute replay to help you catch up if you missed this week's episode, Tracey's release from the hospital, Bob's motivational pep talk with a very frustrated Amanda, and Sean's ability to drop the humor and get serious about his health. I think this will be GREAT for my international friends - especially Marcelle and Fran! :)



Week Two: Miss the episode? Here's a Two-Minute Replay to get you caught up!

Tracey's Release - Tracey is nervous to head back to the ranch.

Amanda's Frustration - Bob gives Amanda a much-needed pep talk.

Sean the Funny Guy - Sean hopes to lose the pounds without the humor.

P.S. It was pointed out that these clips are also available on the official NBC website so my use of the word "exclusive" may be moot. However, I never declared these clips to be exclusive to ME and ME alone :) I said the clips, recaps, and interviews were exclusive. And that's NBC talkin', not me. ;) The fact that I was contacted by NBC to share these with you on my blog is still pretty gosh darn cool!


Melissa Cunningham said...

LOVE it! i missed BL last week so this is really cool to help me catch up! thank you!!!!!

Amy said...

This is great, Michelle! Especially since we don't get the show here, it will be so easy for me to keep up with what's going on by looking at the clips on your blog! Yay!

Fran said...

This is great Michelle.
It doesn't play on my laptop so I'm going to figure out what's wrong so I can see it.

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